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Add-Ons to Augment Your Look

When most of us look in a mirror, we mostly see what’s missing. Maybe our hair’s a little flat; it’s not as thick or long as we’d like, and is that a bald spot peaking out? Our hands end in stubby nails that hardly seem worth a manicure. Our eyes lack those lush lashes and tailored browse that we see on the folks on magazine covers and movie screens. Is there anything that can be done? Are we doomed to be dull, or is there a way to supersize things?

Hair Down to There

Fortunately, there’s never been more ways to add depth to your do. Wigs, toupees, weaves, hair color, buns or ponytails that clip on—you can get everything from extra length to higher heights to discreet coverage of thin spots. Hair professionals can help you add hair, not just cut it away. Ask about what you need for a special occasion or just everyday self-esteem.

Nicer Nails

You can slap some polish on any size nail, but to really stand out, look into acrylic nails that sit atop your short ones and look smashing. You can get plain-colored ones to paint any shade you like or look for patterned and bejeweled versions that will make your fingers look fabulous. Of course, if you type or otherwise use your fingertips for a living, you may want to rein in the length a bit. Ask your manicurist for advice.

Eyes on You

Tattoos are all the rage all over the body, but when it comes to your eyes, they may be just what you need to make take your makeup to the next level. Tattooed eyeliner and eyebrows always look great without constant tending, brushing, and applying. 

Decorate your body just like you’d decorate anything else, with accessories and carefully chosen additions to showcase what’s special.