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    Costmetic Treatments: When to Stick With a Pro

    With so many available DIY kits and online tutorials, many people are taking charge of their self-care routines and saving time and money by doing them at home. While this a great way to treat yourself with a smaller price tag, it’s important to keep in mind that some treatments may be better left to the professionals. Before you try one of these three techniques yourself, be sure to weight the pros and cons before you take the plunge. Piercings Whether it’s your first ear piercing new york ny or you’re adding something new to your growing collection, piercings can be a serious commitment. While it’s arguably simple to perform the procedure…

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    How To Start a Beauty Career

    If you want to be a hairstylist, you should learn as much as you can about the industry. While you can go to a cosmetology school, there are other ways to meet stylists and connect with a salon. Then, once you finish your certification, you can use the connections you have to get a job. Of course, you can start your own business, but working with a non-departmentalized salon Chicago Il or elsewhere is a great first step for your career. Volunteer With a Salon If you find a salon that offers training classes or workshops, consider volunteering for one. You can submit your information to a salon or school, and you…