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Custom trick: the Right Makeup for Your Face Shape

The shape of your face is not only important in the choice of hairstyle , but also to determine the make-up right for you. Determining what is the shape of your face, you can understand which areas you want to highlight and what you want to minimize.

These tips make-up tricks to help you better depending on the shape of your face, and the result is amazing: in an instant value to your features and minimize imperfections, just as if you had made up an expert make-up artist !

What is the shape of your face?

There are seven main types of face: oval, round, square, heart, elongated, triangular and diamond. To understand which category all the hair away from her face and carefully observed the mirror paying particular attention to the shape of the forehead, chin and cheekbones and the distance between the various parties.

Oval face: it is regular and symmetric. The width of the face is equal to half the length.

Round face: it is a full, round face, the width is almost equivalent to the length.

Square face: al’ovale is similar but features more pronounced. The forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are nearly equal in width.

Face care: the jaw line is narrow, and becomes wider towards the temples. The chin is pointed.

Long face or rectangular face has a width similar to the temples to the jaw line, and is longer than wide.

Face a triangle or pear: narrow forehead, jaw line wider.

Diamond face: cheekbones are wider, the front and the line of mascellla are closer.

Makeup tips in the shape of the face
Now that you’ve determined that your face shape is to find out what is the make-up perfect for you.

Makeup for Face Oval


An oval face is enhanced by highlighting the cheekbones, the line of temples and chin. To achieve this effect we must first apply a darker foundation on your temples, cheekbones, jaw line and chin and then a light foundation on the rest of the face, softening the foundation a little darker.

Apply the powder then light in the center of the face and then a powder slightly darker than where you’ve been through the dark foundation. Then put the blush on the cheekbones and then a lighter shade of blush across the cheek.

Makeup for Face Round


The goal is to visually lengthen the face and reduce the roundness. Use makeup to create light from the lower lip to chin and from hairline eyebrows. It is also essential to reduce the width of the cheeks and temples through the use of the foundation.

You will need a foundation and a clear dark brown the foundation must be spent on the temples and jaw line. The foundation should be applied more clearly in the center of the face. Next apply a light powder in the central part of the face and a darker on the temples and jaw line. As a final step put the blush on the cheekbones.

Makeup for Face Square


A square face needs to be softened at the temples and jaw line, so as to bring attention to the area of the eyes, nose and mouth. It is good to give light to the cheekbones, the center of the forehead and chin for an effect of stretching. You can use a darker foundation to the areas you want to minimize the cheekbones and a light to the center of the forehead and chin.

Makeup for Face-Heart


It is essential to make it appear shorter than the chin through the use of dark foundation, and then you have to apply on the temples and jaw line to remove stress the cheekbones. The rest of the face should be enhanced with the powder foundation and a bright light.

The trick to the long face or Rectangular
In a long face should accentuate the cheekbones and visually shortening the overall length. The goal is to create a triangle of light that contains the lips, eyes and cheekbones and minimize the rest of the face. Use a darker foundation to cover the temples, jaw line and chin, and a light to accentuate the triangle.

Makeup for Face in Triangle or Pear


A triangular face needs dark foundation on the chin to make it appear shorter, and temples to attract attention in the center of the face. In addition, a clear foundation along the jaw line will give more depth to the face and bring attention to the cheekbones.

Makeup for Face with Diamond


The diamond is very facial difficle to be corrected because there are several points that attract attention. It is important to minimize the cheekbones and make it appear larger temples and jaw. To minimize the cheekbones, apply a dark foundation, then apply a lighter foundation under the eyes near the nose, forehead and chin. Later you put a translucent powder over the face and blush above and below the cheekbones.

To understand what is the best trick for you as well to pay attention to the shape of the face, you should also consider your features: watch your eyes (they are small, large, medium?), Your nose (it’s small, projecting to potato?), your cheekbones (I’m projecting, are flat?) and your lips (they are fleshy, thin, round, heart?) and decide what you want to emphasize and what would you minimize.

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