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What Beautiful Hair Means to a Woman

Ask any woman, and she will admit to you that looking and feeling attractive and confident begins with beautiful hair. On any particular day, if she thinks her hair looks great, she’ll feel wonderful about her. And, she’ll step out of home completely convinced that the world belongs to her.

The Beauty Industry is Well Aware of this Factor

You might think that hair care products belong in the personal hygiene category. You couldn’t be more wrong. According to the Beauty Industry Analysis 2017 – Cost & Trends report released by Franchise Help, hair care is a section of the beauty industry. The U.S. cosmetic industry earned $56.2 billion in the year 2015 alone, and 24% of this market share belonged to the hair care category. It will surprise you to know that even skincare takes second place.

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That’s a clear indication that women value beautiful hair over any other aspect of their looks (well, yes, men value their hair too!). And, if you’re wondering why, know that for a woman, her hair is the mirror of her soul.

A Woman’s Hair Reveals Her Personality

Every man knows that to win the woman of his dreams, he must find the key that unlocks her heart. And, to understand what key to use, he must study her hair that will reveal the hidden facets of her personality. If she wears her beautiful hair in soft waves framing her face, she is a romantic and idealist. She’ll appreciate chivalry, gentleness, and respect. But, if she favors the pixie-cut that is easy to maintain, she’s a fun-loving person who will be drawn to warmth and a good sense of humor.

Does she prefer to sport a knot at the nape of her neck? Then, she’s like a steady rock which remains in control and is dependable regardless of the troubles surrounding her. To win her, a man would have to display resilience and strength.

But, a Woman May Use Her Hair to Project New Personas

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets,” says Rose in the Titanic. And, she may have warned all men. Because a woman has many sides to her character and she can use her hair to reveal who she wants to be at a given time. When she steps into the boardroom, ready to dazzle the company executives with her blazing talent and smart skills, she’ll have her hair up in a chic chignon without a strand out of place. But, if she’s driving her kids to soccer practice, she’ll tie her hair into a loose ponytail and sit in the stands cheering her little ones as a loving mother.

Watch her get ready for a date with a man she wants to be with. Her beautiful hair will frame and enhance her best features. She’ll twirl a wayward tress in her fingers, or she might toss her hair back. She’ll let her hair tell him that she likes him and is available.

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Understand What a Woman’s Hair Color Says

Stereotyping aside, a woman’s hair color can reveal a lot about who she is. Interact with a brunette, and you’ll instinctively believe that she’ll accomplish anything she sets her heart on. She’ll come across as conservative, practical, and confident of herself. But, meet a redhead with beautiful hair, and you might think of her as passionate, strong individual who won’t let any snags get in the way of her achieving her goals. As for blonds, you might think of them as happy people who love to have fun and live life to the fullest.

Don’t be fooled by the hair color though. Because a woman may choose to color her beautiful hair according to the individuality she wants to portray. And, there’s certainly a lot more to her than what her hair color tells you.

Preserve and Nourish this Significant Side of Your Personality

As a woman whose persona is so closely connected to her hair, you must understand that it has to be nothing less than perfect. You need to nourish it, pamper it, and ensure its good health. Add nutritious foods to your diet and protect your tresses from damage. The harsh UV rays of the sun and polluting elements in the atmosphere can cause harm to the delicate strands causing them to lose their luster and shine. You may even start to notice hair loss.

To prevent that from happening, choose natural remedies and organic haircare products that can reverse the damage. You could also look for solutions like scalp massage therapy that can promote blood circulation in the scalp so that your beautiful hair continues to grow thick and lovely. As the experts at BHRC, the medical spa in Los Angeles for hair restoration advise, consider getting LTS Red/ Green Light procedure that uses light at specific wavelengths to ensure that your hair is nourished and healthy. The treatment is non-invasive, natural, and very effective.

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” Now that’s one quote that you hear from poets all the time. But, I beg to differ. For a woman, her hair reflects her soul and everything she is.