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What is a Vacuum Fit Suction Wig?

Whatever reason you are bald, balding or have bald spots, wigs can be a great way to get a new look with minimal effort. The modern wigs come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials to make them convenient and natural-looking. Vacuum fit suction wigs are a type of wig using human hair to snugly fit onto the wearer’s head. But what exactly is it?

Vacuum Fit

A vacuum fit wig is a little different than a standard wig. Typically, a mold of your head is cast in plastic for a precise fit. In order for the wig to stay in place, the scalp should be free of hair or closely shaved regularly. Plastic doesn’t work to create the suction. Many vacuum fit suction wigs come in a soft or hard vacuum. Simply use your fingers to break the vacuum seal at the base of the neck. The average lifespan is two to four years for the vacuum seal. Avoid sleeping in the wig as it can cause hair breakage.

Soft Vacuums

The flexibility of a soft vacuum wig tends to make these a favorite for comfort. Like other wigs, they can be styled, blow dried and washed much like regular hair. Regular maintenance can keep them lasting longer.

Hard Vacuums

Fiberglass or inert hard plastic is used to make hard vacuum wigs. Sports players and those who have suffered industrial accidents or burns can benefit from a hard vacuum wig. The helmet-like feel may not be as comfortable as the soft vacuum wigs, but they tend not to dislodge during intense activities such as rugby or strong winds.

Many people who suffer from hair loss, premature baldness or alopecia can benefit from having two wigs. One to wash and one to wear. With all the styles available, it’s more a question of which one to choose. The natural looks of wigs today make them a beautiful alternative for many.