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Tips for the conservation of natural hair and synthetic fiber wigs

Here you will find practical tips and instructions for the care and maintenance of your wig.

Natural Hair Care Wigs

Natural hair wigs should be treated the same as natural hair delicate or punished. Keep in mind that wigs with wet hair should not comb or brush, as wet hair swells and can become entangled and knotted. We advise you to comb and unwind the hair carefully before washing. The use of special brushes makes your work easier and will not spoil it. Gently slip the fingers of the hand down the hair as if it were a comb and avoid the pulling.

Use shampoo for wigs:   A good professional shampoo Wigs will provide cleaning adequate. Little drops of shampoo in 1 liter of warm water about suffice. Insert the natural hair wig into the water for about 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water all hair. It is advisable to use a softening cream or mask after washing. Gisela Mayer also has special balm for natural hair wigs. Check the best wigs for sale in the market for choosing the right one for you.

Hairstyle:   After washing and softening treatment comes hairstyle. You can dry the wig gently with a hair dryer, curl it or dry it in the air and then if desired, with the iron or tweezers to comb and mold. Do not forget the golden rule for washing and combing the wig “only when necessary and as little as possible”. Avoid using, in your natural hair wig, all the elements that spoil natural hair. Too hot water and the dryer spoil hair. For a better hairstyle you can look for lace front wigs on sale.

Duration:   Eventually wig natural hair tends to lose its luster, since it is not nourished naturally by capillary fat. In this case we advise you to use our special shine spray for wigs that will help you regain your natural shine.

Cleaning and care of synthetic hair

Make a few drops of special shampoo in warm water. Turn the wig over and carefully, introduce the wig into the water by gently moving it. Do not tighten or scrub the wig. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow to air dry. Use of balm: make the balm in warm water. Let the wig rest 5 minutes. The balm softens the fiber and regains its natural shine. No need to clarify. The hairstyle recovers giving slight shape with the fingers. Let the wig dry in the air. Be careful that the hairstyle does not deform as it dries. We recommend using a wig holder.

Take special care: avoid steam and heat (ovens, grill, barbecue, sauna, dryer, etc …) Never brush your wig or hairpiece wet.