• Rhodiola Tea
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    Rhodiola Tea – Herbal Tonic for lowering stress

    Rhodiola is an herb which is native to Asia.  It is used in cold places like Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia and Northeast China in tea form. Strong decoctions of this root have been in use for many centuries and it has helped natives to get acclimated to high altitudes and cold climates by giving them the energy to live in such an environment. Rhodiola and stress In a recent research study, it has been concluded that nearly 121 million people in the world are suffering from stress currently and the number is but to increase in the coming times. Considering the drastic changes in the lifestyle in the past decade or…

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    Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

    All hair oils are beneficial to hair but when it comes to almond oil the results are countless. Almond is enriched with nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B6 and magnesium. All these nutrients are great for stronger hair strands. The magnesium content in almond is used in almost all the hair products and helps in boosting your hair volume and strength. The vitamin E content in almond helps in hair moisturizing. Image Source: becomegorgeous.com Get Long and Healthy Hair using Almond In order to get long healthy hair, apply almond oil twice a week on your scalp into the roots by massaging with your fingers.…

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  • hair removal
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    Say Goodbye To Unsightly Body Hair

    Excess body hair can be more than just too much hair in places. Depending on where it is, hair can be unsightly, making you feeling self-conscious about your body. For people who have to battle against unwanted body hair, there is a simple and effective solution. Using laser hair removal services, you’ll have smooth, hairless skin. Relying on other hair removal methods will never produce the same results as laser hair removal. Razors can be painful, nicking skin and pulling awkwardly at the hair follicle. After a day or two, you have to start the whole outdated process over again. Waxing is a messy process, that if done incorrectly can…

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    Goodbye dry hair!

    Remember that one of the most attractive parts of a woman is her hair and daily it receives substances that deteriorate gradually. But do not panic, there are many things that will help you recover it. Egg Mask You will need: 3 eggs Place in a blender the three eggs and mix well with your hands put this mixture on the scalp, massaging gently.Allow to dry completely and then remove with shampoo and warm water. Banana Mask You will need: 1 ripe banana 1 tablespoon lemon juice Sunflower oil droplets Blend the banana until a pasty consistency and add the lemon juice and drops of sunflower oil. Apply on hair for half…

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  • rehydrate_hair
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    Tips to rehydrate hair

    These days many people suffer heat dry the hair product of dehydration in the body and the effect of the strength of the sun’s rays on the scalp. The following actions will help restore hydration in hair: Try washing your hair with warm water always. Use the proper amount of shampoo in his daily bath, remember that the product may cause excessive dryness. Comb your hair with natural bristle brushes. Cut the ends of her hair to remove the most dehydrated parts usually are the tips. Stop using irons and dryers. Protect your hair from the sun with hats, scarves, umbrellas or other item to avoid the sun shine directly.…

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  • woman’s hair
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    Can Hair Loss be Reversed?

    They say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, a manifestation of her desirability and femininity. So, how would you feel when you hair starts falling? This is not the normal 50 to 100 strands that you shed off daily, but the more copious hair that are wedged on your brush when you brush or blow dry your hair or those that cleave on your towel or flood the drain when you shampoo. Scary, huh! The scientific name of hair loss isalopecia. It should be differentiated fromalopecia areatawhich is a skin disease or medical condition where hair falls out in circular patches and could occur on the scalp or…

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  • nutrients for hair
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    What nutrients the hair needs

    What nutrients needed by the hair. Your hair is long enough to be in shape? Here are the ingredients that may be missing in your diet to nourish your hair. The nutrients we need for the hair: Amino acids help revitalize the scalp. Present in meat, eggs and dairy. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and are found in citrus, soybeans, broccoli, and tomatoes among others.

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  • Hair Loss
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    Tips to Prevent Hair Loss horrible

    Hair loss is more common in men than in women, but look at this! Methods to prevent this from happening to you would be no different for men and women! Here are some prevention tips to help you. 1. Please treat them right jobs, often dye or something to do with the complex may damage hair follicles. So the first thing to do is be nice! Cut down on any activity that could damage, yup! If you are serious to keep your problems to occur, should do exactly what this board!

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  • method of hairstyle
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    The method of hairstyle

    If you want to act on the hair so that the form attributed to long-stay, you must perform the classic “permanent”. As mentioned, acts on the permanent covalent bonds allowing long-term maintenance of the new form. The permanent can be done in two ways: Permanent Hot (obsolete method); Permanent Cold (a method still used). Permanent Hot Wash the hair with water and remains basic throughout the course of a high temperature. In these conditions is the breaking of covalent bonds of the SS cystine, resulting amino acid solfenico and cystine. At this point we must act on the hair giving it a new shape with the rollers, and then proceed…

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  • tips to prevent gray hair
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    10 tips to prevent gray hair

    Sooner or later we’ll all end up with gray hair at any time since the loss of melanin – the pigment that gives hair its color – is a normal and natural aging. However, did you know that you can prevent gray hair? Did you know that we are late to appear? Everything depends on our lifestyle. Therefore, we show you 10 tips to prevent gray hair. Make your hair stay younger longer. 1. Do not stress. Stress makes us age faster! So try not to worry about issues that make no sense, take even a moment of the day exclusive for you and relax.

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