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    ‘Bob’ Cut That Devastates Summer 2020

    The ‘bob’ is the undisputed king of makeovers and has been covered in dozens of different styles. We discovered what the ‘bob’ style cut that is is being asked for the most this summer in hairdressing salons and those we will continue to love strongly when autumn arrives. Summer is coming and the desire to cut your hair and bet on a refreshing change of look multiplies by a million, we have already told you which will be the five haircuts that will be the easiest to wear in the summer of 2020, but there is one that always succeeds and that is number one on the list of the…

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    7 Mens Medium Hairstyles with Some to Little Barber Visits to Maintain Them

    Not all people have much time to spend to style their hairs, let alone going to barber in regular basis. If that is the case with you then, you better consider styling mens medium hairstyles. While short hairstyles can change once the hairs grow, it would only mean more length in the medium ones. Although some need barber visits from time to time, mostly medium hairdos have some to little maintenance to do. Let us give you some options here. 1st Medium Hairdo – Messy Side Parting Are you dreaming of effortlessly cool hairdo? You should have considered the first one here if that really is the case. This hairdo…

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    Visiting a Top Hair Salon? 5 Questions to Ask Your Stylist

    As you prepare for your next salon appointment, it’s worth considering a few questions you can ask your stylists to help you maintain strong and healthy hair. We agree that the salon chair can be so intimidating. You don’t always have to sit and look pretty while you agree to everything your stylist says. It’s about time you pose those nagging questions to your favorite hairdresser. From product choices to tools and hair techniques, a professional stylist should be able to give you all the information you need regarding your hair journey. Start off with these 5 important questions. Can you rate my hair and scalp? Sometimes it’s very difficult…

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    Hair cuts stepped spring / summer 2016

    One of the cuts trend of spring / summer 2016 are scaling hair cuts. We tell you how to take and what are the best hairstyles. Hair cuts stepped spring / summer 2016. One of the star hairstyles for spring / summer 2016 will be scaling hair. The scaling is the great protagonist of trendy hairstyles for the upcoming season heat as we have seen on the catwalks. From the backstage, the best hairdressers fashion offer us staggered cuts able to really meet all the needs of women seeking a haircut full of style and glamor. In the varied landscape of trends spring / summer 2016 have a prominent role…

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    Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2013 2014

    Hairstyles with braids collected autumn 2013 2014 We’ve already given you some great ideas for hairstyles with braids fall 2013 2014, surely you liked. And lass braids remain today, one of the handiest hairstyles because they are easy to achieve, you are good to all, lend themselves well to festivals to go to work and there are so many styles that you could wear braids every day without ever tired of them. So today we braids for the near fall, we know that these three styles find your approval to look fashionable and stylish. Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2013 2014 These pretty braids are a headband made of hair on the…

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    For beautiful hair, let a lot of vitamins!

    Vitamins B5 and B8 for hair regrowth. Several reasons are responsible for hair loss and poor condition. This may be due to poor diet, a change in climate, use of aggressive products, etc.. Very effective against hair loss, vitamin B8 also called biotin, acts synergistically with vitamin B5 to stimulate the regrowth of hair. It remains also known to delay the onset of gray hair. If your hair is brittle and dull show generating some falls, make a cure of 500 milligrams per day of vitamin B5 and B8. You will see noticeable results after about two months. Vitamins A, C, P to revitalize hair Although not directly affect hair…

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    Fall arrest hair care

    Hair loss: take food supplements The health of our hair is a reflection of our diet and our lifestyle. Thus, a poor diet, stress or fatigue are not beneficial. It is therefore quite normal to strengthen our intake of vitamin and minerals as hair care. We take vitamins and iron to give a boost to our bodies and our scalp at the same time leather. In the case of more serious hair fall (hereditary or hormonal), dietary supplements are recommended as Arresting hair care, such as Progressive Vitalfan range of Rene Furterer for example, or the fall Inneov tablets. Arresting other hair products Even if your hair tends to fall,…

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    Latest trends in hair and makeup

    This article will discuss three photographs of latest trends in hair and makeup. We will see the three looks more and take recommend makeup. STYLE: The first look (left) is a simple style to go to work. It is ideal for everyday wear. It is one of the easiest styles but it is one of the latest trend led. HAIRSTYLE: This hairstyle is easy to make and suitable for all types of jobs. It consists of fully straightening the hair. The straight bangs gives a very modern touch. In this photo we see that the cut is complemented by a tone between bicolor and multicolor hair. It is much more…

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    Enrico Mariotti is one of the most well-known hair stylist in the world of fashion and advertising. We meet regularly at fashion shows where care and ‘invents’ the hairstyles of female and male models. Henry is the official hairstylist for Pantene Italy, lives in New York and divides her time between Europe and the United States for his work. And as Henry lives and ‘breathes’ hair trends where these arise and develop, it is definitely one of the most appropriate experts to turn to find out in advance what will be the hair trends for summer 2014. And we in fact – pardon the game of words – we did…

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    Short hair with bangs fall 2013 2014

    It will fall and with it, one of the biggest fashion trends in haircuts and hairstyles, nothing less than the fringe. That bangs that you like, will be back in its many styles but triumphing which completely covers the front and looks straight. Whether highly stylized or slightly disheveled, you can choose which one you like most. And so you go looking styles hairstyles with bangs fall 2013 2014, our suggestions ahead of a season that is yet to come, but it’s never too early to be aware of fashion.

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