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    ‘Bob’ Cut That Devastates Summer 2020

    The ‘bob’ is the undisputed king of makeovers and has been covered in dozens of different styles. We discovered what the ‘bob’ style cut that is is being asked for the most this summer in hairdressing salons and those we will continue to love strongly when autumn arrives. Summer is coming and the desire to cut your hair and bet on a refreshing change of look multiplies by a million, we have already told you which will be the five haircuts that will be the easiest to wear in the summer of 2020, but there is one that always succeeds and that is number one on the list of the…

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    Add-Ons to Augment Your Look

    When most of us look in a mirror, we mostly see what’s missing. Maybe our hair’s a little flat; it’s not as thick or long as we’d like, and is that a bald spot peaking out? Our hands end in stubby nails that hardly seem worth a manicure. Our eyes lack those lush lashes and tailored browse that we see on the folks on magazine covers and movie screens. Is there anything that can be done? Are we doomed to be dull, or is there a way to supersize things? Hair Down to There Fortunately, there’s never been more ways to add depth to your do. Wigs, toupees, weaves, hair color,…

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    How to Prep for a Big Night Out

    Getting ready for a end-of-year office party or a formal dance? Going on a special date soon or celebrating a milestone birthday in your family? These tips will help you look and feel your best before the big day.  1. Invest in the Right Make Up Making sure to have products that match your skin tone and can highlight your best features is a must when you are getting ready for an important event. There are typically beauty consultants at most make-up shops who can help you pick the right foundation, contour kit, eye-shadows, and mascaras. When in doubt, do not be shy and ask a professional! 2. Find the Perfect Hairstyle…

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    How to Avoid Any Beauty Mishaps On Your Wedding Day

    Mishaps on your wedding day are sometimes unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix them. Follow these tips so that you can avoid or prepare for any possible beauty problems that may arise! Create An Emergency Stain Removal Kit Although there are ways to avoid getting a stain on your wedding dress, like applying your makeup before putting the dress on and not eating or drinking in the gown, it’s very easy to get a stain on your big day. Put together a kit with items that could quickly get out a stain in case of an emergency. Include things like white chalk, white cotton towels, rubbing alcohol, stain…

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    Ways to Look and Feel Your Best for Your Wedding

    While you’re busy planning for your wedding it can be easy to overlook your own needs and wellbeing. However, your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, so you should look and feel your best. Along with your typical wedding planning tasks, it’s essential to take time to put towards self-care. Here are just a few ways that you can work towards looking and feeling your best for your wedding day. Get more sleep We all know that it’s suggested to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but how often are you really doing so? If you’ve noticed that your energy and mood have been…

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    5 Ways to prep for an Engagement Photo Shoot

    Congratulations, you are newly engaged! Once the question has been popped and you’ve celebrated the initial excitement of being an engaged couple, an engagement photo shoot can be a fun way to commemorate this exciting time in your life. These intimate photos are perfect to share with family and friends and will be great mementos to look back on for the rest of your life. To make sure the photos turn out perfectly, you’ll want to look your best! While half of that task is left up to the wonderful photographer you hire, the other half can be made or broken by your preparations. To help ensure that you look…

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    Grooming For the Groom- 5 Tips For the Guys

    When we think of wedding prep we often instinctively divert our attention to the bride and even her bridesmaids. This is a topic we have touched on in the past, offering tips that can make the wedding day a little less hectic for the bride and her girls.  While it is her big day, it’s equally the grooms as well. While his grooming steps might be fewer in number, and quite frankly less time consuming, they’re still important to keep in mind. The days leading up to your wedding are stressful enough. Don’t make it worse by procrastinating the basics. Perhaps this isn’t a topic that you haven’t paid a…

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    7 Mens Medium Hairstyles with Some to Little Barber Visits to Maintain Them

    Not all people have much time to spend to style their hairs, let alone going to barber in regular basis. If that is the case with you then, you better consider styling mens medium hairstyles. While short hairstyles can change once the hairs grow, it would only mean more length in the medium ones. Although some need barber visits from time to time, mostly medium hairdos have some to little maintenance to do. Let us give you some options here. 1st Medium Hairdo – Messy Side Parting Are you dreaming of effortlessly cool hairdo? You should have considered the first one here if that really is the case. This hairdo…

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    Visiting a Top Hair Salon? 5 Questions to Ask Your Stylist

    As you prepare for your next salon appointment, it’s worth considering a few questions you can ask your stylists to help you maintain strong and healthy hair. We agree that the salon chair can be so intimidating. You don’t always have to sit and look pretty while you agree to everything your stylist says. It’s about time you pose those nagging questions to your favorite hairdresser. From product choices to tools and hair techniques, a professional stylist should be able to give you all the information you need regarding your hair journey. Start off with these 5 important questions. Can you rate my hair and scalp? Sometimes it’s very difficult…

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    Bridesmaid Frenzy – The 3 Hair Tips for A Stress Free Wedding

    The wedding day is almost here and it has been quite a ride. But it is not over until the last picture is taken and that mean fantastic hair that will last for the duration. This does not have to be a big problem if you follow some common sense tips like the ones below. There is more to being beautiful than hair and make-up. A bride that is over tired, stressed, and uncomfortable, cannot cover that up with lipstick. So before you get to the wedding day, take some precautions. There is nothing more tiring than getting ready for a wedding. You tend to neglect yourself and it shows…

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