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    5 Causes of Hair Loss and the Best Treatments

    Losing one’s hair is a part of daily life, and although the amount of hair one would lose in a single day would be insignificant, it is a natural cycle of growth, shedding, and regrowth. It is perfectly normal to shed a few hair strands during the night, or after a good brushing session, but this delicate cycle can be affected by many things, and this can cause unnatural hair loss, which can be extensive in some cases. Here are just a few situations that can lead to losing hair. Androgenetic Hair Loss is perhaps the most common type of hair loss, and it occurs in both sexes. Its medical…

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    Trendy haircuts 2016

    The best cuts hair fashion 2016: short, medium, long, shaven, hair cuts for curly, straight, wavy … Trendy haircuts 2016. The most fashionable cuts for spring-summer 2016 stand out for its modernity and timeless style. There are many styles of haircuts where you can be inspired and copy: hair cuts for long, medium or short. There are proposals for everyone, whether you are looking for a radical change or a simple renewal of your usual appearance. Short hair is still trend this 2016 is the star of many fashion editorials and famous are betting on short cuts. There are different types of short cuts fashion: the pixie cut that serves…

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    Causes for hair loss in women

    Poor circulation in the scalp, due to stress, also causes hair loss. Here are some tips to help us Quidar our hair, and look healthy and attractive. Sebo and Pollution One of the main reasons for hair loss is the assortment of micro-pollutants, waste products for hair care and sebum hinder their access to the hair follicle. Tallow is a core of fat produced by the skin. Sebum actually plays a vital role in the health of your scalp, but excessive production of sebum caused by stress (this is a major cause of hair loss in women) and a diet high in animal fat creates excess sebum secretion. When the…

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    Tips for healthy hair

    Maintain our healthy and good looking hair as time passes is no easy task, as it requires special attention. To do this, coloring products, drugs or diet, plays an important role in the health of our hair. The fibers start to become thinner and fall without regenerate; the cells stop producing pigment in amounts necessary; hormones that help stimulate the follicles fibers decrease; and damage generated by the use of chemicals such as hair dyes. 1. Wash it less often: Do not use too much shampoo. You can wash your hair twice a week. Use a type of shampoo according to your hair: dry, oily, thick or thin. 2. Use and volumizing conditioners: They function as…

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    Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss by L’Oreal

    L’Oreal Studio Line, a whole philosophy Studio Line is a trademark of L’Oreal on the premise that everyone should be allowed to define its own personality through his look. Your Style, Your Studio is also the logo of this ideology. Thus, the act of maintaining, modeling, new hairdo has become a way to express themselves. Now everyone can adopt its own style using major technological innovations. The novelty of L’Oreal Studio Line Styling Silk & Gloss testament to this philosophy. Fixing hair spray that makes them as bright as silky. Indeed, thanks to micro-silk fibers it contains, the Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss helps you create your hairstyle. Thus,…

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    Styling wax for a long hairstyle

    A structured hairstyle Styling wax is a cream finish that is to hold a defined hairstyle. This lotion creates the same effect as frost, but the hair remains soft and shiny. Unlike the latter, the wax is mainly composed of plant and mineral materials and does not dry the hair. The use of the gel is indeed not recommended by professional hairdressers because of the preservatives that tend to tarnish and damage the hair. The natural wax and fits all types of hairstyles smooth, toothed, curly or pockets. And Highlight your hair style by applying a styling material that ensures long-lasting hold of your mane. The effects of the lotion…

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    Men … when hair loss is worrying

    There are many things that men are concerned, including baldness. “Usually when people see, is because you are losing more hair than normal,” says Leana Quintanilla, a dermatologist who specializes in hair microfollicular. However, men who notice an unusual loss are those who see their hair everywhere: on the pillow upon awakening, in furniture, in the car, etc. However, the problem lies in those who suffer from the problem due to a genetic condition. “They do not realize the problem until you feel less dense your hair for some time,” says Quintanilla. But is there any age where they start to worry? You can start at 18, but all ages are normal for…

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    Tips to rehydrate hair

    These days many people suffer heat dry the hair product of dehydration in the body and the effect of the strength of the sun’s rays on the scalp. The following actions will help restore hydration in hair: Try washing your hair with warm water always. Use the proper amount of shampoo in his daily bath, remember that the product may cause excessive dryness. Comb your hair with natural bristle brushes. Cut the ends of her hair to remove the most dehydrated parts usually are the tips. Stop using irons and dryers. Protect your hair from the sun with hats, scarves, umbrellas or other item to avoid the sun shine directly.…

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    Natural Dandruff Remedies

    Dandruff is all common problems with many people around us for which natural dandruff remedy is the best cure. Many times we feel tired of this dandruff but can’t find a way out of it. Many people try out the chemical serums, consult a doctor and what not. But they hardly look for natural remedies for dandruff. This dandruff is a common scalp condition marked by the white flakes over the scalp and itching. Well anyways you have an option for it which would not at all harm you in any ways that is natural dandruff remedies. Let’s go through some of these remedies: Firstly Vinegar is really very effective…

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    Chocolate treatment for hair

    Chocolate not only eats, is also put on the hair! Learn all about this hair treatment made from cacao to nourish your hair and straightening. Recently it has become very popular chocolate treat hair. We have seen in salons and aesthetic, in the supermarket, advertising and everywhere. It is one of the most famous hair treatments but what good?; Is it a keratin treatment ?; Is it for dry or damaged hair? All these doubts the resolved Domingo Del Moral, Technical Director and Specialist in Mexico Alfaparf hair. The first thing to know is that there are several types of chocolate treatments, however what all have in common is that…