About Me

There was a college girl who was tired of wasting money on products that left her empty-handed and sick dealing with incompetent stylists. She looked far and wide for the information on relaxed and chemically-treated hair. Yet, She found nothing. Oh, what will this fair maiden do? Will she be doomed to an eternity of lifeless, dammaged locks and bare pockets? No! She decided to experiement, take positive advice from others and put her own spin to it. And, she finally became closer to her goals. Here’s her story.


I am not a stylist. Nor am I certified competent or almighty knowledgeable in hair with a degree or license.

I am simply recording my own personal struggles and solutions, as well as research found from other sources.

I cannot be held responsible for any scalp problems, irritation or disease caused by my wacky musings. Nor can I promise results of longer or healthier hair from using my techniques.