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Best Eyelash Extensions of 2020

Once viewed as a fleeting trend, it’s clear that eyelash extensions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re interested in accentuating your natural lashes with subtle hybrid lashes or dressing like an influencer with adventurous colorful extensions, these days, there’s a look to fit all tastes. Read on for tips and trends to make your eyelashes pop in 2020!

1. Hybrid Extensions For Added Fullness And Texture

While flashy, over-the-top lash extensions are still going strong, plenty of ladies out there prefer a more conservative look. Instead of going all-in with lash extensions that cover the entire length of the natural lashes, some beauty enthusiasts are opting for hybrid extensions that fill space and add volume. Hybrid extensions are a great choice for those who prefer an understated look, or for anyone who wants to replenish volume if they have eyelashes falling out.

Instead of applying a singular lash fan, the lash tech uses individual lash extensions for a more focused approach – lashes are only applied in specific areas, as needed. The result is a very natural look that enhances the eyes without drawing too much attention to them. This trend follows other beauty enhancement trends — plastic surgery, for example — that focus on subtle refinements, rather than drastic alterations. If you plan on getting hybrid lash extensions, be sure to stick with a beauty professional for optimal results.

2. Rainbow Extensions for a Fun and Flirty Look

Colorful rainbow extensions are the yin to hybrid extensions’ yang. These lash extensions are far from subtle, and that’s the point! Perfect for parties, photo shoots, or just looking fabulous anytime, rainbow extensions are pure fun. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to make a statement and add some glam to their look. Some lash techs even offer glittery options!

If you do plan on rocking rainbow extensions, be sure to dress accordingly. These flashy lashes work best when the full ensemble matches, so go ahead and pull out all the stops with bright hues and patterns. On the other hand, you could try dressing in minimal black and/or white so your eyes really stand out. Get creative with it!

3. Blonde And Brown Extensions for a Bold Yet Natural Appearance

Blonde and brown lash extensions are a great middle ground between subtle and flashy. These lashes are ideal for eyelash extension beginners because they don’t look quite as intense as traditional jet-black extensions. They’re also fantastic for women with lighter hair and fair skin, as well as for elderly people who are losing lashes as they age. In short, they add fullness without attracting too much attention.

4. Bottom Lash Treatments For Added Length And Definition

Eyelash Extensions

Bottom lashes are frequently overlooked, and that seems to be changing in 2020. Adding extensions to the lower lashes can add more definition and length, while also providing a more ‘awake’ look that enhances the eyes’ natural beauty. Some women use eyelash growth serum to add fullness to their top and bottom lashes, but sometimes more drastic measures are required. Getting extensions on the bottom lashes is an effective way to add volume subtly.

5. Customization Options to Satisfy Diverse Clientele

As eyelash extensions become more and more commonplace, it’s not surprising that so many people want in on the action! Elevating your appearance is a wonderful way to enhance your overall well-being, and many women are realizing that it’s a legitimate beauty treatment and not just a passing fad.

In the past, there simply weren’t very many options available. If you didn’t want a drastic change to your appearance, you were typically out of luck. Today, beauty companies and lash techs are working hard to make sure there are options for everyone. Say you want a wispy look without the length — a good lash tech can probably make that happen!

Let your lash tech know exactly what you’re hoping to achieve, and they can probably find a solution. In 2020, you create your own trends!

The Possibilities Are Endless

The main takeaway here is that you’re only limited by your imagination! Lash extensions have become incredibly popular, and there are new products hitting the market regularly. Whether you’re looking to update your look or start a beauty career, you owe it to yourself to learn about the latest eyelash trends! Of course, not all styles are going to work for everyone, so be sure to do a little research before scheduling your appointment. If you can’t decide on a look, ask a qualified lash tech for advice. They’ll be able to tell you about the latest trends and recommend the perfect lashes for you. Lash extensions aren’t permanent, so if you’re not thrilled with them, you can always get a lash tech to remove them and try again. Above all, have fun with it! That’s the key to looking and feeling your absolute best.