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‘Bob’ Cut That Devastates Summer 2020

The ‘bob’ is the undisputed king of makeovers and has been covered in dozens of different styles. We discovered what the ‘bob’ style cut that is is being asked for the most this summer in hairdressing salons and those we will continue to love strongly when autumn arrives.

Summer is coming and the desire to cut your hair and bet on a refreshing change of look multiplies by a million, we have already told you which will be the five haircuts that will be the easiest to wear in the summer of 2020, but there is one that always succeeds and that is number one on the list of the most demanded in hairdressing salons the ‘bob’ haircut. It is one of the most famous cuts in history and more timeless since women have been asking for it for almost 100 years!

bob haircut

Of course, over time it has been transforming and adapting to the trends of the moment, but as much as time passes, the ‘bob’ haircut remains one of the favorites of women around the world and one of the most defendants. And for the summer of 2020, experts say our favorite will be the jaw-length bob cut with or without bangs, as top model Freja Beha wears it.

This ‘bob’ can be slightly shorter from the nape of the neck to give extra volume to your hair if you have fine hair, it is the ideal to do it in summer because you will enjoy the advantages of short hair and when you arrive in autumn you will already have it long enough to pick it up in a ponytail or in some of these hairstyles ideal for short hair.

Who Favors the ‘Bob’ Cut Summer 2020 Trend

Given the versatility of the ‘bob’ haircut, it can be adapted to almost any face, we will tell you who favor the ‘bob’ type haircut the most.

If you have an elongated face, the ‘bob’ cut will help you frame the face and smooth the features. If you also have it fine, in addition to betting on the wicks that provide volume, you can ask for a slight step so that it gains in volume and has more life.

If you have an angular face, with a marked chin and cheekbones, the half-bob ‘bob’ cut is perfect for you because it will harmonize your features.

If you have a round or heart-shaped face , it will look great with a little volume on the sides of the face and with bangs, as the model Sam Rollinson wears.

Choose with or without bangs, the perfect length for the summer of 2020 should not go beyond the jaw , that is the style slogan that you cannot forget if you want to wear the fashionable ‘bob’ cut this summer . Do you join the trend?