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Make the Cut by Maintaining Your Salon and Barber Shears

There is a misconception that the sharper a blade, the greater the danger it is in use. In fact, knowledgeable consumers and professionals know that it is the dull tool that leads to accidents and inadequate job results. If you are a hairstylist or barber, for example, you must arm yourself with the best cutting shears. Furthermore, to keep them in optimal shape, you need to handle them appropriately and maintain them consistently. Make certain that your precision-made shears last a lifetime by following these steps.

Handle With Care

Stylist and barber scissors can be expensive, with a single pair starting at $200. The best are durable because they are composed of high-grade steel and are made and finished by hand to strict tolerances. However, if they are abused they can fall out of alignment or their blades can become nicked, after which they will perform poorly. Do not just toss them into the sink between uses. Keep them in a protective case (which also protects hands from accidental cuts). Avoid exposing them to rusting, corroding, chemicals whenever possible. Finally, dry them immediately when they get wet.

Tune Them Up

Whether through abuse or regular use, when the shear’s blades do lose their edge, they need to be professionally honed – shear sharpening Savannah GA defines this as a return to “factory edge.” Periodically adjust their tension so that they are neither too loose nor too tight, both of which will make cutting hair difficult and will further damage the blades.

Make Them Gleam

While you should have your shears sharpened professionally, you can clean and oil them yourself. Wipe hair from the blades during a cut, and clean between customers using soap and water. Periodically wipe them with alcohol using a cotton swab. At the end of the day, carefully rub shear oil over them and open and close them a few times to spread evenly.

As a stylist or barber, you aspire to excellence. Just as painters maintain their fine-haired brushes for long-term use, you will increase your odds of consistently creating hairstyle masterpieces proper shear care.