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How to Prep for a Big Night Out

Getting ready for a end-of-year office party or a formal dance? Going on a special date soon or celebrating a milestone birthday in your family? These tips will help you look and feel your best before the big day. 

1. Invest in the Right Make Up

Making sure to have products that match your skin tone and can highlight your best features is a must when you are getting ready for an important event. There are typically beauty consultants at most make-up shops who can help you pick the right foundation, contour kit, eye-shadows, and mascaras. When in doubt, do not be shy and ask a professional!

2. Find the Perfect Hairstyle

Determining what to do with your hair may be the hardest part of the whole getting ready process. There are tons of photos and tutorials online, however, that can spark your imagination or give you ideas. If you are not confident in your own styling abilities, you can always go out to a professional hairdresser. Just google “hair salon westchester county ny” (or whichever town or city you live in) and see if they do styling for special occasions.  

3. Pick the Right Outfit

Depending on where your event is taking place, the style and fit of your outfit may need to change. A long, formal gown is fine for a dance or gala, but is probably too extravagant for even the fancier of office parties. A milestone birthday may lend itself to a more casual or comfortable look, whereas a date at the mini-put course may require some athletic wear. Be sure to dress appropriately for the event you are attending and remember to choose something you are comfortable in, especially if the event is on the longer side. 

Preparing for a big event can be so much fun! Keep these three tips in mind, and you might feel like a whole new person for your next date, show, or celebration.