Skin Care

Benefits of Moisturizing

Most girls grew up with their mothers telling them to wash and moisturize their face. Whether or not you believed this advice, there are definite benefits to moisturizing your skin, especially your face. Some women swear by the product they use, whether it’s a traditional moisturizers or botanical skin moisturizers, and others use the first bottle they find. If you’re skeptical that using lotion every day can really help your skin look younger and healthier, consider the below facts.


If you omit moisture from your daily routine, then your skin can develop more wrinkles. This is because as skin loses moisture, it actually develops some inflammation as well which can speed up the aging process. In addition to adding wrinkles, dehydrated skin displays more of the lines you already have, too. Think of it like an apple slice you leave out on the table; as it sits and dries out it shrivels and loses its plump appearance.

The negative effects can increase in the winter, too. Cold, dry air can often further dehydrate your skin and deteriorate your complexion. Your skin can appear dull or flaky when you don’t have the proper moisture.

Physical Effects

Moisturizer is your skin’s best friend and it can even help you to combat acne. Some people might feel like moisturizer makes their skin greasy and contributes to blemishes, but if you pick one that works to your needs and skin type you can avoid this side effect. 

Dry skin itches. Just like your hands itch when you go out in the cold without gloves, your face can suffer the same feelings. No one likes scratching at their face all day, so add some lotion into your routine to avoid this uncomfortable symptom. 

Adding a moisturizing lotion to your bathroom arsenal, especially for your face, can benefit both your appearance and skin.