Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be an intimidating choice. For those unfamiliar with the process, laser hair removal is the process of exposing hair to pulses of laser light with the goal of destroying the hair follicle — essentially, changing the body so that hair does not grow back in undesired places. After being tested and refined for years, laser hair removal became commercially available in the late 90s and has sustained in popularity since. Check out these benefits of laser hair removal before finding a great laser spa nearby. 


As compared to many other beauty treatments, laser hair removal is a relatively quick process. For example, laser removing underarm hair can take as little as a minute. Additionally, the results last for a long time: whereas everyday shaving or even going to a spa for waxing can only last a few weeks in best case scenario, laser hair removal can stay in effect for months or, in best cases, even years. Additionally, if and when hair does grow back, most people see the hair as finer in color and shape. Overall, a few minutes of treatment for months or years of relief is a great trade-off. 


As laser hair removal has become a more widely accepted treatment, some of the fear and stigma surrounding the process have started to wear off. While shaving hair can’t be felt at all and waxing is notoriously painful, laser hair removal falls somewhere in the middle with slight stinging and discomfort on the skin. However, technicians can numb the area and people often mention that treatments hurt less each time. 


As with any technology, this process has been refined over time. One great thing about laser hair removal is that the tools involved are very exact. Laser hair removal is completely safe as long as the procedure is being done by someone with the proper certifications. Do some basic research before scheduling, and then say goodbye to that unwanted hair.