3 Gifts for Dads To Give Their Daughters

Dads, this goes out to you. You can sometimes be overlooked and disregarded when it comes to the idea of gift-giving, especially when it comes to your young daughter. But just because mom normally buys the gifts doesn’t mean you can’t break free from the stereotype and do something unique for the special little lady in your life. 

A Gift of Jewelry

Jewelry can be a relatively simple way to make a young woman feel grown up and beautiful. It can also provide a physical reminder of the relationship she holds with you. Much jewelry today can be customized to fit the wearer as well, like birthstone necklaces, bead and charm bracelets, and engraved rings, allowing you to add an extra element of personalization that is tailored to your daughter’s individual tastes.

A Gift of Writing

Another option is the gift of writing. Take time to write down how you feel about your daughter and express all of the elements of who she is that you find extraordinary. Do not underestimate the power that your words can hold and the value they can have. A gift of writing may allow the recipient to read and reread your thoughts at any time and therefore relive the experience over and over.

A Gift of Time

Perhaps the most powerful gift you can give to your daughter is the gift of your time. Schedule a special date with her and spend some one-on-one time communicating with her, learning about her, experiencing life through her lens. Showing her you care by giving her what many people claim to never have enough of – time – may prove to be the most invaluable gift of all. 

As a dad, you do not have to take a back seat to the special moments in your daughter’s life. Instead, find a way to celebrate her. There is a decent chance that a thoughtful gift, no matter its cost, will be cherished by both parties for years to come.