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Elevate Your Look With Hair Extensions

Sometimes you just want to amp your look up a bit and take it to the next level of glam. Hair extensions are the ideal solution for when you need an extra bit of oomph to make you shine. Depending on your lifestyle and your budget, a multitude of options are out there for creating the look you’re going for and to give your hair more volume, length, and thickness.

For a Special Event or Short-term Fix

Clip-in hair extensions come with tiny combs that attach to the base of the hair. They can vary from small sections of hair to add in to a wider section that stretches across the head. Glue-in extensions installed by a stylist can be removed with an oil-based solution and are also a short-term option for a special occasion. Both of these options are typically friendly on the budget.

Long-term Looks

For those phases of life when you’re looking for more of a commitment, bonded extensions may be for you. Applied to the hair shaft with a heated, keratin-based solution, this transformation may last several months. Sewn-in extensions, also known as a weave, may last up to eight weeks and may require a few hours to apply to the entire head. Tape-in extensions also last weeks and are known for appearing natural. Whichever of these options you choose, placement is critical to not looking artificial, so use a professional stylist. Search hair extensions salons nyc for qualified professionals.

Quality of Hair

Extensions can be made from human or synthetic hair. Not surprisingly, human hair of the least processed state, known as Remy hair, is the most natural looking and expensive variety. It can also be styled with heat and colored. Synthetic hair can have an unnatural sheen but holds its style well and remains smooth.

Extensions can bring a new dimension to your style. Consider these options before upping your glam factor.