The Beauty and Spiritual Joy of Crystals

Sometimes it feels like you could do with a bit of a breather from your daily life. For many, crystals bring a moment of beauty and calm, a touchpoint amid the routine. They come in many forms, from raw crystals like clear quartz to polished gemstones like tourmaline, often fashioned into jewelry like crystal healing pendants.

The Importance of Beauty

Humans have a connection to beautiful things, finding inspiration in the many ways nature provides stunning moments of startling perfection. While it may seem like frivolity, beauty speaks to us. You may find that crystals bring you feelings of calm, joy, strength, or spiritual connection. If so, you’re not alone.

You can choose crystals for the beauty they bring, based solely on how they look. Maybe you love the look of golden citrine from Myanmar, black obsidian from Icelandic volcanoes, or the gold-flecked midnight-blue of lapis lazuli from Madagascar.

The Power of Intention

It may be that the power a crystal holds is in the intention you give it, or the qualities it may hold for you. Golden citrine is said to harness the energy of the sun to promote positivity. The black obsidian you chose for its deep luster is known for grounding and calming. The striking lapis lazuli may help you speak your truth. Like Guatemalan worry dolls that take the burden of your concerns, a crystal can remind you of your intentions, giving you the strength to live your best life.

How To Display Them

With your intention firmly in place, you can display your crystals on an altar, keep them by your bed, show them off on your desk at work, or wear them as earrings or necklaces. There are dozens to choose from, with many looks and many purposes.

Whether gracing your desk, slipped into your pocket, or warming the hollow of your throat, crystals bring beauty, connection, and intention to your life. Choose the varieties that speak to you.