Wedding hairstyle

How to Avoid Any Beauty Mishaps On Your Wedding Day


Mishaps on your wedding day are sometimes unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix them. Follow these tips so that you can avoid or prepare for any possible beauty problems that may arise!

  1. Create An Emergency Stain Removal Kit

Although there are ways to avoid getting a stain on your wedding dress, like applying your makeup before putting the dress on and not eating or drinking in the gown, it’s very easy to get a stain on your big day. Put together a kit with items that could quickly get out a stain in case of an emergency. Include things like white chalk, white cotton towels, rubbing alcohol, stain removal pens, etc. You’ll go into your wedding day with a little more peace of mind.

  1. Plan Out the Look Ahead

Oftentimes, brides will purchase their gowns months in advance, or maybe even a year in advance, for their wedding. Grooms, however, do not typically plan that far ahead. For the brides, it’s important to plan out all the accessory and hair details beforehand. Figure out the exact jewelry you’re wearing and pack back-ups incase of any malfunctions. Plan out your hairstyle that will not only complement the style of your dress, but also feel good to you. Grooms may require a more guided list for their wedding preparation day, but that’s okay.

  1. Makeup Trial

It’s important for brides to schedule a makeup trial before the wedding to ensure they absolutely love the look. Go to the makeup trial with pictures and ideas in mind, and make sure you agree on a look you feel beautiful in. That way when it comes to your wedding day, you’ll know you’re going to look your absolute best.

  1. Avoid Chocolate and Red Wine

Although chocolate and red wine is tradition for romantic occasions, there’s an important reason why you should avoid them on your wedding day. Things like red wine, chocolate, and dark berries can all stain your smile, which is the last thing you want. Try to avoid these items as much as you can to guarantee you’ll have a beautiful smile in photos.

  1. Don’t Get Your First Bikini Wax Right Before

Bikini waxes are great for weddings, especially if you plan on taking your honeymoon shortly after. But whatever you do, do not wait to get your first ever bikini wax right before your wedding day. You’ll be itchy and uncomfortable, and you don’t want that to be one of your biggest wedding memories. Try getting your first wax earlier on and let the following one be closer to your wedding date, but still not directly before.

  1. Bring a Touch-Up Bag

Even if you got your makeup professionally done for the big day, not all looks can stand the kisses, tears, and and dancing. Bring a small touch-up bag with the important items that made the look. Makeup items like powder, blending brushes, and setting spray are great reinforcements.

  1. Don’t Change Your Beauty Routine

If there are any beauty products or medications you take on a daily basis, try not to switch any of these for at least six weeks out from your wedding date. Altering your routine could bring up unexpected reactions. If you’re interested in making a big shift, try doing it in enough time ahead to test it out and switch back to your old routine if needed. This will ensure that you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

  1. Eating Too Much or Too Little Leading Up

Like mentioned earlier, brides tend to buy their wedding gowns far in advance, giving them enough time for their bodies to change in the meantime. Don’t go on any crazy diets or allow yourself to over-indulge from the time you buy your dress to the day of your wedding. The last thing you would want is to make it to the morning of your wedding and your dress is either too big or too small.