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Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

How To Get Celebrity Hair On Any Day Of The Week

Are celebrities really born with better locks? Of course not – they just know a few tricks of the hair trade!


Celebrities are used to being ‘papped’ – with flashbulbs going off in their faces as they strut out of nightclubs, or as they wander down Marylebone High Street on a Saturday afternoon hand-in-hand with a new partner. So, how is it that they always look so glamorous – always in the trendiest outfits with luscious locks and never experiencing the tragedy of a bad hair day? The trappings of a luxury lifestyle allow access to stylists who can transform their personal appearance from drab to dramatic overnight. But their salon secrets are out – so find out how to keep your hair paparazzi-pretty with the following tips!

Use Dry Shampoo

If you had a great hair day yesterday, and want to give that look a second whirl, then skip the shower and revive your tresses with a quality dry shampoo. Celebrity hair dresser Daniel Martin recommends spraying the shampoo into your roots, then follow up with a blow dry. It’s best to shake your hair as you dry, to encourage the product to move from the roots along the length of the strands. Massage some dry shampoo into the roots for extra volume and you’ll be good to go.

Change Your Look Regularly

Unless, you’re Barry Gibb there are few celebrities that carry off a trademark hair style for life. And who would want to? There are so many great styles out there to choose from that it’s a shame to be limited. Of course, when it comes to hair, many people feel restricted to the type of hair they were born with. Whether it’s too thin or thick, straight or wavy, a boring colour or hair that just refuses to grow past a certain length, there’s no need to feel ‘stuck’ with a certain style that suits you – just change it up!

Experiment With Wigs

Hair extensions have been used widely for a while, but wigs are also one of the best ways to try out a few different looks for size. Wigs for women have significantly increased in popularity thanks to the well-known collections of celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. But the queen of pop, Beyonce is rumoured to own a wig wardrobe which is valued in the region of $1 million, spending as much as £30,000 on a single piece. Luckily, for those of us with leaner salaries, there are plenty of wigs and synthetic hairpieces available within the average beauty budget. And you can invest in a few quality wigs to match your mood and style. Unlike having your natural hair cut and coloured, a wig offers the versatility to go with a short crop or a fringe and then switch to lengthy beach waves the following day.

The next time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and aren’t happy with your reflection, just remember that celebrities are not born with better hair than the rest of us, they’re just given the opportunity to experiment a little more. So, invest in some quality products and hairpieces and get celebrity hair in a matter of minutes!