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    5 Ways to prep for an Engagement Photo Shoot

    Congratulations, you are newly engaged! Once the question has been popped and you’ve celebrated the initial excitement of being an engaged couple, an engagement photo shoot can be a fun way to commemorate this exciting time in your life. These intimate photos are perfect to share with family and friends and will be great mementos to look back on for the rest of your life. To make sure the photos turn out perfectly, you’ll want to look your best! While half of that task is left up to the wonderful photographer you hire, the other half can be made or broken by your preparations. To help ensure that you look…

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    Wedding hairstyle

    Grooming For the Groom- 5 Tips For the Guys

    When we think of wedding prep we often instinctively divert our attention to the bride and even her bridesmaids. This is a topic we have touched on in the past, offering tips that can make the wedding day a little less hectic for the bride and her girls.  While it is her big day, it’s equally the grooms as well. While his grooming steps might be fewer in number, and quite frankly less time consuming, they’re still important to keep in mind. The days leading up to your wedding are stressful enough. Don’t make it worse by procrastinating the basics. Perhaps this isn’t a topic that you haven’t paid a…

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