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The Secret For Gorgeous Hair Is In The Scalp Massage

So we know that you all want to have gorgeous hair, but we also know that getting what you want is not always easy! Sure you might be using the perfect shampoo for your hair type, have nailed the conditioning routine and have yourself booked in for regular maintenance with your preferred hairdresser, but there’s still one big thing you are missing out on; if you really want gorgeous hair, you need to embrace scalp massage. In fact, we are going to give you three reasons why anyone who wants to have lush locks to boast about needs scalp massage in their life. Ready to get started? We thought so!

Scalp Massage Encourages Those Gorgeous Locks To Grow

We know you don’t need to know all the scientific ins and outs of this one so here it is in a few words; massage and blood flow go hand in hand. Several nutrients found in the blood are vital for healthy hair growth, these include iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, selenium, zinc, plus more that we won’t bore you with.

Since massage increases blood flow to the area being massaged, a scalp massage will increase blood flow to your scalp and of course, as you know, your hair grows exactly there! In fact, those hair follicles will be jumping up and down for joy as the increased blood flow floods in an abundance of those lovely nutrients.

Thicker Hair Can Become Your Reality

We all love it when statements such as the one above can be backed up by real science. You will be glad to know that a 2016 study pointed to scalp massages for hair loss giving a result of thicker hair. The study, which comprised of willing participants engaging in 24 weeks of regular scalp massage, found that the massages had an effect on the hair follicles at a cellular level. That’s right, it seems that scalp massages could even change how cells grow the hair. Trust science to be on our vanity side!

It Nourishes The Hair From Birth

Why do we often complain about split ends and dry hair tips? Often it is because our hair has become malnourished as it began its downward journey (whether that journey is a straight, a wavy or a curly journey). What we really need to do if we want to have gorgeous locks is make sure that the moment a new strand of hair emerges it is indulged in an abundance of tender loving care. How do scalp massages step up to the plate on this front?

Many scalp massages include the use of the warm oils. Such warm oils may include rosemary, tea tree, cedarwood, lavender and the list goes on. As the oil penetrates your scalp and hair roots something rather magical will take place; that scalp that you may not even give a second thought to will be in sheer lubrication heaven! In fact, the conditioning and lubricating which the scalp receives during such a massage has many benefits.

Firstly, it works hard to prevent a dry scalp and we all know what a dry scalp means, nasty flakes that many of us know as the ‘dreaded dandruff’! Another benefit is related to what such a scalp massage can replace. In our attempt to have gorgeous hair we often go heavy on the conditioner. That’s right, we see those advertisements of a model with amazing hair who uses ‘that conditioner’ and we figure that the more conditioner we use the closer we will get to what we drool at on the television.

Unfortunately, this often results in well-intentioned people bombarding their hair with an array of nasty chemicals. On the other hand, if you are opting for a regular scalp massage something completely different is going to happen. Your locks are going to be in such a state of dazzle and shine that you will be wondering whether you shouldn’t be featured in the advertisements instead of the model!

A Happy You, Can Mean Happy Hair

So far we have looked at the science and detail behind why scalp massages and having gorgeous hair are a match made in heaven, but there is more to the story! How do you feel after a scalp massage? Granted, if you haven’t experienced one yet it’s a hard question to answer so allow us to use a few words that should give you an indication of what to expect; amazing, heavenly, incredible, out of this world, addictive and pure tranquility.

Why does a scalp massage feel so great? Sure we could tell you that it is to do with the increased blood flow or the chemicals produced by the body or some other scientific explanation but would it really explain why the experience is nothing short of magical? Hardly! Some of the most enjoyable things in life simply defy science and scalp massage could certainly be one of them.

So how does a happy you lead to happy hair? Well, think about the effect that negative emotions can have on your body. Stress, depression, anxiety; the medical world is becoming more and more aware of the direct impact that such mental states have on our physical body. However, the opposite is also the case. A happy mind can go hand in hand with a healthier body, and a healthier body knows how to grow better hair. The connection is actually quite easy to see!

So what do you think about our secret for gorgeous hair? Sure you may be getting all of your hair products and hair regime right, but if you are missing this one big piece of the puzzle you might end up with a hair picture that is far from beautiful. From helping your locks to grow to creating thicker hair and indulging your scalp in a haven of lubrication and conditioning, we love this secret for gorgeous hair and we are sure that you will do too!