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7 Mens Medium Hairstyles with Some to Little Barber Visits to Maintain Them

Not all people have much time to spend to style their hairs, let alone going to barber in regular basis. If that is the case with you then, you better consider styling mens medium hairstyles. While short hairstyles can change once the hairs grow, it would only mean more length in the medium ones. Although some need barber visits from time to time, mostly medium hairdos have some to little maintenance to do. Let us give you some options here.

1st Medium Hairdo – Messy Side Parting

Are you dreaming of effortlessly cool hairdo? You should have considered the first one here if that really is the case. This hairdo is indeed not all about fades. You make side parting and simply bring the hairs to one side. Let it messy and you will see just how it cool it can be. Simply running your fingers through the hairs throughout the day will be enough to maintain the style. There will be no more need to run to barber frequently.

2nd Medium Hairdo – Classic Side Parting

Are you fine with being classic? The simplest way of all is to realize classic side parting. Make sure to not forget the taper for the best classic look ever. For this medium haircut for men, you are free to have clean cut or give some texture and volume. Regardless the choice, you will look handsome and neat with such hairdo on. Even for today, this classic hairdo is still pretty much favored by many people. It looks cool even if it is classic.

3rd Medium Hairdo – Neck Tapered Style

How about some taper this time? For medium length hairs, this hairdo is especially the best. This hairdo basically will have you to side part your hairs and sweep them back and down to your neck. It will have the neck look neat at the back as you sweep back the hairs. Be sure to comb them towards the center and have clean neck taper to finish it. Since it is this easy, you should be able to maintain such kind of mens medium hairstyles yourself.

4th Medium Hairdo – Full Side Part Style

You see, medium length hairstyles with side part should not only be ones with minimum volume. While medium hairdos with minimum volume might be simple, fast, and easy to style, it won’t hurt to put more effort and make fresh version of side part style. So, consider of giving plenty of volume and texture to your parting. Such variety will be pretty much classy for men to have styled on their hairs, don’ you think so too?

5th Medium Hairdo – Pomp Burst Fade

How about making cool pomp if you don’t like standing out too much like Mohawk? Since the size of the pomp is influenced by the length of the hairs. It makes perfect choice for medium length hairs, right? Don’t forget to make slight burst fade behind the ears though. This additional touch will make a cool detail at the two sides of your head. From side to crown, you’ve got this men hairdo in medium work best for your look.

6th Medium Hairdo – Sweep Back Wavy

Are women the only one that can style wavy hairdo on their hairs? Of course, men can do so as well. One example of it would be this hairdo here. To style one, you’ve got to use medium hold product. It will help you make some volume and even hold the hairs on top. Just leave the waves so the hairstyle would look natural on its own. For hairstyle this easy to style, there should be no need to visit barber frequently.

7th Medium Hairdo – Comb Over Fade

Did you know? Even comb over can work at every length of hairs. This hairstyle is made to feature fade at the sides. It has allowed little to no maintenance to care about. The rest of the hairs though is swept across to one side. Make good use of hair product to help you keep the hairs in place. Then leave the ends loose to finish it. This kind of mens medium hairstyles stands out coolly with length.