How to Smell Sexy: the 5 Most Sensual Perfume Notes

Perfume is like an extension to our personality and, if we are honest, we are often employing it in order to attract other people. We put our hopes in our perfumes and try to pick these so that they express our desire. It is therefore a common task to look for a scent that evokes beauty, attraction, eroticism and sensuality. If you are uncertain about which perfumes to buy in order to be perceives as sexy, you will need to look into the notes about deemed as most sensual.

  1. Musk

Almost all the greatest perfumes and boutique scents have musk in them to a certain extent. This ingredient has many facets and thus isn’t always the same. It can be animalic, powdery, soft or dark. While most musk used nowadays is synthetic, it retains the aura of the original product. It is often blended into oriental fragrances as it binds the other ingredients together. Musk is usually listed as a base note, being among the ones that are the slowest to evaporate.

  1. Oud (Arabian: oudh)

Highly prized, oud is distilled from the wood of an exotic tree growing in Asia; therefore it is woody, but also sweet and aromatic. It is also a base note, like musk. Although it is generally present in men’s perfumes, oud is found in feminine compositions too, due to it’s comforting, enveloping aura that ads depth and elegance. Above all, however, is its sensuality. You may witness this in the AlShareefOudh range of products, including the best oud oil manufactured using traditional methods. You can buy oud perfume online and enjoy its amazing scent.

  1. Vanilla

It may seem like this kitchen aroma found in so many cookies, caked, candy and pastries has nothing to do with bedroom passion and magnetism. However, surveys show that the perfumes rated as the sexiest rely heavily on it. From Guerlain’s Shalimar to Calvin Klein’s Obsession, vanilla is present in countless classics that have inspired passionate feelings.

  1. Tuberose

Flowers are seem as something seductive, yet girly, soft and innocent and thus they barely make it to the list, with people preferring oriental and gourmand scents for sexiness. Still, tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) reached high in the charts for its unusual creamy, carnal scent, so different from the rest of white flowers, which have rather green, fresh notes. Thus, it feels much like a contradiction. Tuberose is currently used in countless newly launched perfumes precisely for its sexy side. Some even went as far as saying that the smell of it alone can produce an orgasm.

  1. Patchouli

Earthy and mysterious – this is what patchouli feels like for perfume enthusiasts and it has become the epitome for these qualities. No wonder that patchouli can be found in so many ravishing fragrances. In its raw form, it can be overpowering and cloying, but when blended cleverly, it becomes divine. Patchouli renders itself well to a great variety of creations; if you want to see it in a most modern, dry, sensual and intriguing oriental gourmand, try Angel Muse by Mugler and you’ll see how versatile this ingredient can be.

These 5 sexy perfume notes can have a multitude of facets when blended together with other ingredients. Try them out in different concoctions and see which style suits you best. You’re at your sexiest when you’re wearing a perfume you love, carefully selected for your seduction ritual.