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Bridesmaid Frenzy – The 3 Hair Tips for A Stress Free Wedding

The wedding day is almost here and it has been quite a ride. But it is not over until the last picture is taken and that mean fantastic hair that will last for the duration. This does not have to be a big problem if you follow some common sense tips like the ones below.

There is more to being beautiful than hair and make-up. A bride that is over tired, stressed, and uncomfortable, cannot cover that up with lipstick. So before you get to the wedding day, take some precautions.

There is nothing more tiring than getting ready for a wedding. You tend to neglect yourself and it shows in the condition of your hair and skin. Keep your energy levels up and relax when you need to by using all natural supplements. Corpina makes an excellent line energy boosters that allow you to be energized and healthy. You may find the effects are so positive, that you will want to continue using them (and you can).

There is one mistake that brides make that causes them the most problems on their wedding day. When they are choosing a wedding gown, they do not take into account the way they want to wear their hair. This includes the neckline, the back of the gown, the details, and the style. If your hair style is not in line with the style you are going for, you will not be comfortable. Azazie dresses are designed for comfort, regardless of the style you want. The professional staff can assist you in finding the perfect dress for the perfect hairstyle.


  • Don’t fight what nature gave you!

If your hair is naturally straight, curly, fine, or thick, do not try to go 100% in the opposite direction. Few extreme hair changes will last through the pre-wedding, wedding, photographs, and reception. Consider the temperature and humidity. If you feel you can keep your curly hair straight for hours without a touch-up, then go for it. If not consider an up-do or another style that is easier to manage.

  • Plan ahead

A few weeks before the wedding, have your hair trimmed. Check the roots for color issues. Use the stylist you are planning to use for the wedding if you have one.

  • Don’t do it too early

Do not do your hair too many hours before the wedding and do not pin it up extremely tight. This could ruin your day as your head gets sore or you get a headache. It is difficult to loosen hair after it is styled and prepared.

  • Be true to yourself

Do not go so far over the top that no one knows who the chic in the white dress is. If you are normally carefree with flowing hair, do not go for the major up-do. Instead, opt for some loose curls or a pretty headband to bring your look together.

Bonus tip

By the time the wedding day arrives, your bridesmaids have been through shopping, altering, showers, parties, rehearsals, and countless tasks for you. Make hair day special for them. Set up a small candy buffet so they can treat themselves while the group is relaxing and getting beautiful. Sweet Services is an online candy supplier that can send the candy directly to you at a great price.  This is a sweet way to say thank you and to let your friends know you want them to enjoy the wedding.

You and your bridal party will look beautiful with the right hair care before the big day. The right hairstyle is one that lasts and looks beautiful hours after it is done.