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How to Have an Amazing Prom Experience Without Overspending

Going to your prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, and you want it to be perfect. Unfortunately, these days many students find that the costs of attending prom limit their ability to go and enjoy themselves. Some people spend exorbitant and ridiculous amounts on their prom attire, transportation, and entertainment but it doesn’t have to be this way. By doing some research and making smart choices, you can go to your prom and have an amazing time without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to help you out for your big day.

First, don’t overspend on your clothing. Boys should look into renting or borrowing a tuxedo for their prom. It’s often much cheaper to visit a tailor to hem a borrowed suit than to get one from a professional location. For young women, look into discount prom dresses, which are often sold by trustworthy clothiers like Formal By Lisa. Many girls can find and alter dresses than other friends and relatives have worn before. Bridesmaids dresses and even wedding dresses can both be altered to make something more appropriate for a high school student’s prom. Similarly, borrow accessories like jewelry and gloves.

To save money on transportation, organize a group of friends and split the cost of renting a car or limo. Alternatively, skip the limo altogether and borrow a car or use your own, if you’re lucky enough to have one. You don’t need to stick to boring, traditional rental cars, either. Instead of a boring old limo, try something most interesting, like a bus or a van. This also gives you more space to stretch out in while you’re enjoying your ride.

After the prom, some people like to go out and keep the party going. Instead of blowing a bunch of money renting a hotel or getting into a club, consider taking a road trip somewhere fun. If there’s a beach nearby, consider watching the sunrise from the sandy shore. And, of course, don’t waste money on alcohol, which is illegal for everyone that is prom-aged. Focus on having fun with your friends instead.

Your prom can be a memorable and wonderful opportunity to have a great time with your high school friends. You may not see them in the coming years, so make the most of your time together and have a blast!