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4 Criteria for Choosing the Best Hair Loss Solution – PRP – Your Best Option

Have you been wondering if you have a hair loss problem? That’s probably because you’ve been noticing more and more hairs on your towel and shower floor. And, if the thought has crossed your mind, then, yes. You most likely do have a problem. According to the National Center for Biotechnological Information, it’s very normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. But, anything more than that and you should get yourself tested by an expert dermatologist. It is always advisable to take care of the issue and search for good hair loss solutions before you start to see that receding hairline. When you set out to choose the best hair restoration option out there, you’ll probably have a few important criteria in mind. Let’s take a look at them.

Hair Loss Solution

It Should be a Long-term Solution

The hair loss solution that you opt for work should work on a long-term basis. However, most products work only as long as you continue to take them. If you stop using them, you can expect to lose the new growth within 6 months. What you need is an effective option that can not only promote the growth of new hair along the existing hairline but also maintain that growth without the need for continuing the treatment forever.

Further, most hair loss solutions don’t stop hair loss but only promote the growth of new hair. The best product would be one that can prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair at the follicles. And, this is possible only when they receive a good supply of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. So, you’ll need to look for a solution that can nourish hair at the roots.

It Should be Suitable for Both, Men and Women

The hair loss solution you choose should be appropriate for both men and women, especially since women have unique hair loss issues that are very different from those of men. However, many of the products available today clearly contraindicate usage for women. Accordingly, you’ll have to look for a hair restoration option that is ideal for your unique hair loss issues.

hair loss solution

It Should not Have Side Effects and Allergies

You’re probably wary of the side effects that chemical hair loss solutions can cause. That’s a very real concern because whether you opt for conventional topical applications or oral supplements, you may have to deal with itching, redness, and other side effects. You’ll also have to take several precautions when using them. Allergies are yet another cause for worry. They are caused when your body reacts to the products you use and treats them as a foreign body that it must attack. Ask your dermatologist for a natural product that is unlikely to cause side effects or allergies.

It Should Have Quick and Effective Results

Of course, the most important criteria when looking for the best hair loss solutions is that whatever product you choose, it should have effective results that are noticeable within a few weeks of using it.

So, what’s the best hair loss solution out there?

hairloss solution

The One Solution that Fits All Your Needs – PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

The best hair restoration option that fits all your criteria is PRP for hair loss. You’ve probably heard about how celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods, and many others have been using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections with incredible results. It will surprise you to know that the treatment is also very effective to help you with your hair loss problems. Here’s how:

  • PRP therapy can not only stop hair loss but also stimulate the growth of new hair by creating new blood vessels under the scalp.
  • PRP treatments for hair loss are effective on both men and women and can help with hair loss irrespective of its root cause.
  • The serum used in the PRP injection is created from your blood, and that eliminates the possibility of your body rejecting it. So, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with allergies.
  • If you’re concerned about after effects, pain, and possible irritation, you’ll be relieved to know that there is only the minimal of pain or swelling. These effects typically settle within a day or two of the PRP session. Doctors also take the utmost of precautions to ensure that you feel the minimum of discomfort. They are likely to use topical numbing agents and inject painkillers along with the PRP serum.
  • You can expect to see new hair growth with 4 to 6 weeks of getting the treatment. In addition, the hair is thicker, darker, and has a much richer texture, an indication that your hair is receiving all the nourishment it needs.
  • One of the best positives of this hair loss solution is that you won’t need to take time off from your busy schedule to get the treatment. PRP therapy is a simple lunch time procedure and does not involve any downtime. You can go back to work right away since you won’t need anesthesia.
  • Depending on the severity of your hair loss issues, you’ll only have to come back after two weeks for follow-up sessions. Your dermatologist will advise you on the total number of sessions you may need. And, since you’re using your tissues for creating the serum, you can take any number of sessions safely.
  • Have you already signed up for other hair loss solutions? No worries. You can combine PRP therapy with them to get more effective results. For instance, topical applications, oral medications, hair transplants, or any other options can be safely used along with PRP.


Hair loss can be a very worrying issue because along with their hair, people also lose their confidence. For women, it is more of an aesthetic issue since lustrous hair is associated with youth and beauty. But, now you have the perfect hair loss solution that can bring back your youthful good looks and make you feel wonderful about you.