Plus Sizes Are In This Year So Find Your Dream Swimsuit Online

Are you in the market for sexy plus size swimsuits this new year? There was a time when your odds of finding one anywhere was about as likely as stumbling across Captain Kidd’s treasure at the beach. The swimsuit industry has of course, always manufactured suits for “outsized” wearers, but given their unattractive colors and styles and ill fits, many within these garments’ targeted audiences decided that they didn’t much feel like going to the beach or pool after all.

But within the last several decades, there has been a revolution within the fashion industry regarding plus size women and their swimsuit options. Recognizing that comfort and fashion was just as important to this growing demographic as it would be to any other, designers and manufacturers began producing clothing and outerwear accordingly. While this “sizing shift” took a little longer to reach athletic and bathing apparel, those searching for it in plus sizes now have an increasing number of choices. In addition to more attractive versions of the classic one-piece and skirted swimsuits, plus size swimsuits are being made that feature higher cuts, more exposed skin, and other great styles by top designer names like Anne and Kenneth Cole and Jessica Simpson.

With model and “body activist” Ashley Graham showing that larger sizes indicate neither unhealthy living or unattractiveness, and super model Robin Lawley looking big and beautiful in a bikini in Sports Illustrated, it would seem that any woman of any size could walk into any store and find her perfect swimsuit. Sadly, that’s not the case. Because while the fashion industry and many upscale stores in urban areas now offer a wide range of plus size options, many chain and big box and smaller stores do not. The offerings at many of these locations featurestyles that modest grannies would turn their noses up at.

Let’s be honest — for many women, wearing a swimsuit is as much a figure flattering fashion statement as it is something to get wet in. Countless studies have shown that being attractively dressed just doesn’t get the wearer complimented, it can positively benefit that wearer’s physical and emotional health. There’s just no reason to settle for a frumpy bag of a swimsuit this winter holiday cruise season or summer, so why not find the perfect new plus size swimsuit for 2017 online?

In fact, it’s easier than ever to advantage of the many options offered to them through online shopping. At swimsuitsforall, a body positive online retailer that offers everything from classic one-pieces to bikinis and “tankinis” and caters to shoppers who range from sizes 8 to 34, there is something for everyone. Their suits flatter figures of all sizes, and are both attractive and durable. Shoppers can find a swimsuit here for any beach activity, from tanning to volleyball to just lazing on a towel. And even better, these suits are very affordable. Prices start at $28, and the site offers frequent sales, such as 30% off your entire site-wide purchase. With the help of retailers such asswimsuitsforall, sexy plus size swimsuits no longer have to be just a fantasy. They’re as close as a computer.