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How to Choose a Wig

To know how to choose a wig, you must identify your needs. Do you want a wig to change your look or need? If you want to change the look, there is no rules size, color or material … everything is allowed! No Check what are the 10 commandments to find the ideal wig and keep it in good condition.

1. You will take your time

It is preferable to choose the wig before the hair begins to fall. It will be easier to choose both the cut and the color, because the specialist will immediately identify the style of wig that best suits your tastes and will provide a more natural result. On the other hand, if you do not have time to choose it before, nothing happens! The specialist will be able to advise you.

2. You will fall into the temptation of synthetic wigs

It’s true, before, fiber wigs had a very bad reputation. But now, there has been great progress. Indeed the result is very natural and there is a great variety of cuts and colors. In addition, they have the great advantage of being quite lighter than natural hair wigs. According to our expert, this is a very important argument to keep in mind with a wig; the basic thing is to feel good. If a wig is very heavy, the client is not comfortable and may even feel violent. This is precisely what must be avoided. They also have the advantage that keeping them in good condition requires very little effort and are cheaper than natural hair wigs. Men can use Instead, they are not heat resistant and leave very little room for the imagination once you have chosen the cut and the color, you will not be able to change it anymore. They can use lace hair replacement systems for men as well.

3. You will not rush with natural hair wigs

Natural hair wigs have the advantage of offering a unique natural result. They are very elegant and allow you to adapt them as you want wicks, cuts, and permanent or smoothed as with the hair fiber, everything is allowed. Therefore, the feeling of feeling as if it were your own “hair” is greater than with a synthetic wig, and the product is much more resistant.

4. You will feel beautiful and good with the wig

Style and appearance are important, but comfort is also essential, so pay close attention when choosing the inner support or cap of the wig. There are different types and for all pockets:

Monofilament cap tulle and hand – crafted:

This model is the best and, unfortunately, also the most expensive. The real advantage of the model is that it is comfortable. It is kept in good condition and presents a 100% natural finish day by day thanks to the monofilament, which allows combing the wig in any direction without losing the natural touch. Indeed, since each hair is implanted by hand, as in the scalp, and that the translucent material with which it is made allows the skin to be seen through the transparencies, the result resembles a true scalp, until the Point of getting confused.

Tulle cap completely handmade:

Cheaper than the previous one, is the perfect relationship between price and comfort. The wigs of tulle, made entirely by hand, constitute a very pleasant support to carry and super light. The result is not as natural as with the monofilament, but the wig is still invisible.

Mesh cap:

Cheaper than its competitors lot. The result of the mesh is not always natural. Also, it is not as comfortable, but represents a real alternative for a more adjusted budget.


5. Adapt the wig to suit you

Ready, you’ve finally found the wig that goes like a finger ring. It is ideal with your skin tone and you find it comfortable. From now on, all you have left to do is feel it as something of yourself. Take your wigs from them where you can make custom order according to your skin tone. It is an important stage of the process. It is up to the specialist who sells the wig to help the client to accept her new hair as best as possible, which means learning to tighten the wig so that the wig does not fall or become too tight, and, in certain cases, cut a few strands So that the cut is equalized. Therefore, it is preferable that you take your time on the last visit to make your wig something unique, and so that when you wear it, you really feel yourself!