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Photographing clothing: mannequin or Model?

Are you an online retailer who sells high-end clothing or trendy clothing designed for the teenage and young adult (16-29 years old) age group? This age group is known as the group that is the most likely to purchase the latest high-fashion clothing. Many brick and mortar clothing stores place their latest offerings for this age group right at the front of the store. They have found that, by making it easy for this age group to find the latest ranges, they have the greatest chance of making sales.

Why use great photographs on your website?

This age group is also the most likely to spend a large percentage of their monthly allowances or salaries on the latest fashion so it is critical to attract them into purchasing from your eCommerce site and no one else’s. It is a known fact that the way to convert a visitor to your website into a returning customer is to design your website in such a way that you have the greatest chance of visitors purchasing clothing from you. I believe that one of the most important factors in website design is the photographs you use to showcase your clothing for sale.

Presenting clothing for photography

How do you photograph your clothing in order for it to stand out amongst the crowd and let your prospective customers know that your products are the best? There is nothing worse than browsing a clothing eCommerce store to discover that the clothing has been photographed flat and therefore looks dead. Many a sale has been lost because the clothing is not photographed correctly.

In order to understand the importance of placing great photographs on your eCommerce site, let us look at how big the eCommerce clothing retail industry is. We can gain a unique insight into the importance of positioning your business’s value proposition correctly. According to Ibis World, “every year, more than 100 million Americans purchase goods from the online retail marketplace, one of the fastest-growing sales channels in the United States.” These figures are just for the United States. Can you imagine how big the global retail industry must be.

Live mode or mannequin

I believe, and in my experience, that the best way to photograph clothing to present on your eCommerce website is to use a mannequin. Modern mannequin’s come in all shapes and sizes. They are also manufactured in different positions. I suspect that it is more important, when photographing ladies wear, to use a female mannequin that shows off the clothing by modeling it in different poses. The result is the simulation of a model modeling the clothing in a live photography session.

Why don’t you use live models to model the clothes in a studio setting? This is a valid question and the simple answer is “cost.” A mannequin is bought once and reused multiple times. A live model has to be paid every time she is contracted to model your latest range of clothing.

Final words

The UK company, My mannequins, has the following to say about their female mannequins: “Our diverse collections of female dummies offers limitless possibilities of styles and poses.” I couldn’t put it better!