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How Do I Tame My Wild Beard?

Ever since beards have regained popularity, men have started looking for all natural beard supplies to help them tame even the wildest of beards. The use of an organic beard oil, such as the ones provided by Lovely Beards, helps to moisturize, protect and make your beard and facial hair more manageable.

A Lovely Beard Is A Well-Maintained Beard

In order to tame a wild, lost in the wilderness for months type of beard, you need to start with the right products. You can go with an electric beard trimmer, but for the best results, you’re better off going old-school. This means having a nice, sharp pair of trimming scissors, beard comb and some type of petroleum based pomade or scented beard oils to help protect and moisturize your skin and hair.

When you exit the shower, you want to slowly comb your beard in a downward motion, trimming any stragglers that refuse to “fall in line”. Scented beard oils and pomades can then be used to help remoisturize the hair and underlying skin, while providing you with the ability to help sculpt your beard. It is important to remember your beard will need regular attention to remain healthy, full and under control.

When you shower, remember to shampoo and condition your beard. Avoid products that are known to dry out hair, such as bar soaps and body washes. Instead, reach for salon quality products or better yet, products made specifically for beards.

Taming a wild beard is not difficult, it just requires the owner to give it the necessary attention it deserves. While it might seem like a lot of work at first, once you get the style of beard you want, and a routine that you are comfortable with, the entire process can be done in a matter a minutes.