Amazing Gifts for That Special Man

When it comes time for a special holiday, birthday, or anniversary, the types of gifts typically thought about for men tend to focus on the outdoor activities or chores they tend to do but most people don’t think about the many possibilities within the self-care category that your man is sure to appreciate on a whole new level. Instead of purchasing a tool he can use to complete a honey do task, try showing him how much you want adore him by giving him a special gift of time, and nurturing that he often doesn’t choose to take for himself. Men love high quality and simple nurturing products just as much as women do, they just don’t talk about it as much.

Image source: http://papiverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Beard-Care-Update-5-Reasons-You-Need-Beard-Oil-in-Your-Life-Photo6.jpg

For the man in need of beard care a phenomenal old-fashioned beard brush and straight razor shaving kit might be just the thing for shaping and cleaning the wild hairs that are not part of the perfect beard. Your many may adore the feel of a straight razor in his hand and the high quality shave that one can only get from these high quality items. Beard care can also be encouraged with the purchase of a beard comb or brush to keep things tamed and smooth. Balms and conditioners can also be added to shape and keep hairs smooth, clean and smelling wonderful. Waxes can be purchased for shaping moustaches or styling longer beards, which make them stylish and manageable.

Purchasing personal items that are focused on beard care shows your man that you appreciate this feature and provide him with encouragement to keep it well groomed. You may find that once he starts using high quality beard care items that he gains more confidence and begins to enjoy pampering himself a little bit. That is certainly not to say that he won’t appreciate you using the products for him. There is nothing more wonderful than putting together a gift basket or box for that special someone and then following through with using the products. You may want to add a foot and hand lotion in a masculine fragrance, toe nail and fingernail clippers, buffers, files, and massage oil and then spend some time tending to all of these areas.

Your man probably spends time ensuring that his beard and body are clean, but might neglect some of the finer details such as keeping nails trimmed or using hair products regularly. Some men find it difficult simply to keep up with regular hair trims, shaves, and beard trims. Showing you have an investment in your man’s pleasure and appearance will show him that keeping himself well groomed is worth the time and effort. When you help him groom, you show him that he is worth spending time with, and the loving touch will increase your bond. There is nothing more intimate than tending to your sweethearts grooming needs.