Rhodiola Tea
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Rhodiola Tea – Herbal Tonic for lowering stress

Rhodiola is an herb which is native to Asia.  It is used in cold places like Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia and Northeast China in tea form. Strong decoctions of this root have been in use for many centuries and it has helped natives to get acclimated to high altitudes and cold climates by giving them the energy to live in such an environment.

Rhodiola and stress

In a recent research study, it has been concluded that nearly 121 million people in the world are suffering from stress currently and the number is but to increase in the coming times. Considering the drastic changes in the lifestyle in the past decade or so, this prediction seems to be possible in all its possibilities!

You very well know the importance of having a sharp memory where it will be useful to you to concentrate better on your work or studies. Prepare better reports and presentations and good essays for school. You no longer have to forget your spouse’s birthday or your anniversary days when you have it imprinted in your memory when you work towards improving your memory skills. All it takes is a little input from you to improve and improvise your acquired memory.

The regular lots of nootropics are known as smart drugs of which memory and brain enhancing supplements are a part. Why get prescriptions for supplements and medications which are just as easily available at the grocery or health food store?

Stress is a serious cognitive problem known to affect about 121 million across the globe. Although there are a number of times when stress and associated anxiety stem from life events and can be treated by psychotherapy. But many times stress is a clinical condition with its roots associated with some chemical problem like imbalance in the brain.

Overindulgence in taking the supplements would be a complete waste of energy and resources if approached in this manner. Similarly, for the over cautious sorts, it is no good to we shall taste first and then see accordingly. Need to take an extremely high dose. It would be pouring a quantity of one litre of water that is supposed to be filled with a quantity of five!

How Rhodiola works

These days, this herb is available for use in capsule for as well.  It works by reducing cortisol secretions which contribute to stress.  Rhodiola, considered an adaptogen is one of the best herbal aids available on the market for reducing anxiety and stress; it is also used to treat adrenal fatigue and alleviates stress and sleeplessness.

In addition to all of the above, Rhodiola as tea or in capsule form works wonderfully well as a brain tonic and revitalizer.  It has been to increase mental acuity and concentration in users.  It works best in its natural form when imbibed as tea – tired and overworked people can feel its effects instantly.  Traditional Chinese medicine prescribes it as a restorer of Chi or life force.

The tea is more of a health drink that will also help you to combat stress and cold when consumed daily.