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Holi Celebrated Nationwide in Colorful Salwar Suits

Holi is the festival of colors and when it comes to getting ready and dressing up for it, you need to keep style, elegance, and oomph factors in mind. Holi was celebrated just a few days ago in India amidst great pomp and festivity. Indian women nationwide were inspired by the cool colorful spring and they wore different kinds of salwar suits in vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. Here is a look at different types of Indian gorgeous and ethnic salwar suit designs that had given the Holi wardrobe a stylish makeover. Broadly speaking these chic outfits would be classified into the following trendy categories.

Jacket Styled Lehenga Salwar Suit

Jacket styled lehenga salwar suit is very much in vogue this spring. This chic style is definitely, a must-have in your spring-summer wardrobe. Many Indian women turned up in this kind of beautiful and classy outfit at the pre-Holi get-together. If you are newly married, you could wear this style and opt for a rich heavy look. Vintage patterns, layered hem prints, net and lace fabrics add a touch of elegance to the newly wed woman. If you are not too interested in the jacket style lehenga salwar suits, you could opt for some other eye-catching variations like a short kurta and Patiala salwar teamed up with a wonderful jacket or maybe an exquisite floor length Anarkali salwar suits with capes.

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali suits are forever versatile and evergreen and are here to stay. You could be sporting a casual style or go for a rich heavier look. Women across India wore beautiful and rich Anarkali suits and attended the Holi parties. The newly wed girls wore the rich and heavy immensely eye-catching suits whereas other ladies who were in the mood for playing Holi, turned up in soft cotton sets. Available in a huge spectrum of colors, designs and patterns, these are owned with pride by every Indian woman with a cosmopolitan taste and culture. Anarkali salwar kameez comes in silk, chiffon, net or georgette fabrics. The length and the flare of the kameez depend primarily on your choice. Every woman has her individual taste and choice. From ankle-length to overstated flares, Anarkalis are selling like real hot cakes.You could have a look at theAnarkali salwar suits latest collection online.

Pakistani Salwar Kameez

Pakistani salwar kameez is very much the hot favorite of thousands of women across the sub-continent. It is known for its elegance and style. This happened to be the ideal ensemble for Holi and several women turned up in the pre-Holi bashes or the Holi parties in stunning Pakistani suits. The style, fit, and fabric of this outfit is meant for adding panache, flamboyance and style to your festive mood and spirit. It is a straight-cut long kurta with a slit on both the sides. You could wear such a long and straight-cut kurta with a pair of ciggy or straight-fit pants for that ultimate glamorous look.

Straight-cut Salwar Suits

Many women sported a playful but non-fussy look with a nice straight cut salwar kameez. Many women preferred to stay away from flares as they found this style far more comfortable for running about and organizing things during a Holi party or pre-Holi bash. They preferred to keep it sober and simple but went for the vibrant colors. From round necks to deep V-necks, halter necks to backless and even the Chinese collared ones, the straight-cut salwar suits are just right for a really formal yet chic and fun look.

Patiala Salwar Kameez

The traditional Patiala suit is back with a chic makeover. The kameez is much shorter than before and the Patiala salwar has been modified in tune with the fashion trends. This was worn by many women for the comfort factor while playing with colors on the occasion of Holi. The loose Patiala salwar is just right for Indian summers that are sultry and humid. The chic short kameez with intricate traditional embroidery is quite a hit with the newly married girls.

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