4 Tips for Choosing a Dentist

Many people are afraid of going to the dentist. It’s called odontophobia, and it’s a recognized phenomenon that affects thousands if not millions worldwide.

If you’re part of this unfortunate statistic, it might be difficult for you to find a dentist. How can you be sure you’re choosing the right dental office? How do you differentiate a great dentist from a merely passable one? If you’re looking to have some dental work done, here are just a few tips for finding and selecting a dentist you can trust.

1. Have a Game Plan

Why are you going to the dentist? Maybe you have a cavity. Maybe you want to correct an overbite. There are specialists for just about every kind of dental need, and most of them can be found either online or through word-of-mouth recommendations. Instead of blindly searching a dentist and hoping they have the skills you need, look specifically for an expert in your anticipated area of dental care.

2. Ask About Payment

Does your insurance cover everything you want done? Does the dentist accept your brand of insurance at all? If not, are they willing to arrange payment plans instead of requiring you to pay the entire bill at once? These are all important questions to ask before you settle down in their chair, so even if you feel awkward discussing financial matters, bite the bullet and get it out of the way quickly.

3. Read Their Reviews

In the age of websites like Yelp, it’s easy to find testimonials from past patients. Pay particular attention to anything that everyone agrees about. For example, does everyone love the dentist’s punctuality? Does everyone complain about the smell of the office? The common threads in customer reviews are probably the most true.

4. Schedule a Consultation

At the end of the day, you can’t trust anything but your own instincts. Call your potential dentist and ask about free or low-cost consultations to “sample” their services before committing to them as a patient. If you aren’t comfortable with them after the meeting, you’ll know that they aren’t the dentist for you.

These are just a few tips for finding and selecting dentists Brooklyn. There’s no reason to fear dental work as long as you know that you’re in good hands, so take your time, make your calls and choose someone you can trust.