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Trendy haircuts 2016

Trendy haircuts

The best cuts hair fashion 2016: short, medium, long, shaven, hair cuts for curly, straight, wavy …

Trendy haircuts 2016. The most fashionable cuts for spring-summer 2016 stand out for its modernity and timeless style. There are many styles of haircuts where you can be inspired and copy: hair cuts for long, medium or short.

There are proposals for everyone, whether you are looking for a radical change or a simple renewal of your usual appearance.

Short hair is still trend this 2016 is the star of many fashion editorials and famous are betting on short cuts.

There are different types of short cuts fashion: the pixie cut that serves to frame the face and lets you play with coloring and longitudes. For example, a pixie haircut with a longer front lock, this lock allows a daring dye and a striking color, purple or smoky gray, one of the tones trend of 2016. Another interesting short cut hair is type helmet. It is worn with very bushy hair and with a retro touch.

Middling cuts are among the favorites of women. The midi manes with a slight movement on the tips allows you to play with colors and tones on top of the head. Side locks the side of the head are left to facilitate the creation of volume aside. If you have very straight hair, you can also bet on a midi hair with a geometric cut.

Overall manes over his shoulder with a very natural look are carried. Mean manes triumph this season spring / summer 2016 are those that are worn with bangs.

Long hair 2016 fashion is full of natural breaks, with waves or curls shirts vintage style. In short, better prevents very marked curls as long manes very natural, messy and debris carried curls.

Smooth and long hair, pulled back and is worn with a glossy finish or wet. Yes, the effect wet better wear for special occasions, for everyday commitment to a more natural and less artificial look.

Curly hair also has its role this spring / summer 2016. There is no shortage of proposals for curly hair. Are fashionable unruly curls, with a free and wild finish, as we have seen in recent fashion runways. The curly long hair should wear a hydrated and textured curl.

Flee hairstyles with curls very marked. If you have short hair, opt for an African finish and with much volume.

If you have curly hair, but with a little thick curl, choose a short haircut asymmetrical, with the longest rear front.

The crewcut is another most striking beauty trends for 2016. It’s a haircut ideal if you’re young or you’re a radical and very modern change. If you like extravagant cuts, rapa your hair completely. If you want to look something more discreet, you can shave part of your head, for example, on the side or at the nape. This cut can be both long and short hair.