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Makeup tricks to hide dark circles

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Makeup tricks to hide dark circles. Dark circles are a discoloring of the skin under the eye due to excessive production of melanin and dilation of capillaries. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the face and body.

The lack of iron also affects the appearance of dark circles, another cause is the loss of volume of the periorbital fat and lack of sleep or the accumulation of fatigue. There are specific products to combat dark circles and bags, and makeup helps us to conceal.

To hide dark circles with makeup, you need to clean the skin and treat the area. Applies an eye makeup remover to remove any remaining impurities and makeup. Then apply a cream eye contour to deflate, moisturize and care for the eye area. To cover dark circles you need a proper concealer for your skin.

The concealer should be a tone lighter than your skin so that not highlight too. With a brush apply a little concealer on dark circles, do not overdo it with the product. With the fingertips extend the corrector with little touches to the cheekbone area.

Do not drag the product, diffuses been at the ends to properly hide dark circles. To hide dark circles in purple or very dark color, apply a yellow concealer first. Shades of cool tones accentuate dark circles, so professionals recommend not to use them.

The secret trick of makeup to hide dark circles

Another effective trick to hide dark circles with makeup is the use of a lipstick red. With red lipstick and wide brush marks around the eye area.

Once you have marked the area of the eyes (eyelids and dark circles), with the brush blurs the entire eye until they are a red stain effect. Then apply the foundation all over the face with a sponge. You must be careful when makeup not to expand the red lipstick. He stresses the area of dark circles, to cover the foundation with red lipstick. The red zone is blurred and will be “covered” by the base.

Another tip to hide dark circles applying a moisturizer in the area of dark circles, then apply an illuminating concealer and another yellow. Use cream concealers, because having a creamy texture are best applied on the skin. Then add your usual makeup base to balance the tones. Finally apply a little loose powder on dark circles, and will last more makeup.