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Frizz: Tips and natural remedies for your hair


Frizz is one of the most common hair problems. To combat the frizz there are several tricks, natural remedies and tips …

Frizz. Tips and natural remedies for your hair frizz is one of the most common hair problems. Frizz can be caused by several factors. Al frizzy hair lacks moisture, natural oils, is dry and rough. Frizz is increased if you live in a place with a humid climate or use heat (irons, dryers …) and dyes. Anyway, there are different tricks and natural remedies to combat frizz your hair.

There are many natural remedies to combat “frizz”. You just have to keep trying different tricks to find the right one for you. First, there is a natural remedy based on chamomile. In a cup of boiling water add a tablespoon of chamomile flowers and let stand for an hour or so. Then add a quarter teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Wash your hair with shampoo and then apply the cold infusion.

The aloe vera and coconut oil are natural products to combat frizz ideal: two pulp extracted aloe vera leaves and place in a bowl. Mix aloe with three tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply on hair for 30 minutes, covering the hair with a shower cap or towel.

Then wash your hair with your usual products. Apple cider vinegar has many cosmetic uses, one of which is hair frizz placate. In hair freshly washed apple cider vinegar applied with a brush wide tooth. Then rinse hair with cold water. The masks also go very well for frizz. Mash a banana and an avocado pulp.
Mix well and apply on hair.

There are several tips and advice to get the frizz is maintained at bay. For example: use an anti frizz mask after washing your hair. Always choose natural combs and bristles separate the plastic electrify your hair.

To dry the hair and hold off frizz, use a good amount of conditioner with coconut oil. Rinse your hair and brush his hair. Ask a ponytail and holding the front with an elastic band (but do not tighten). Let hair air dry. Avoid using hair dryers, irons and curling irons at high temperatures, as they burn, dry and aging hair.

But you have another choice but to dry the hair using a thermal protector. The dyes also produce frizz, so we recommend the use of natural dyes or the use of specific hair products for tinted hair. Do not dry your hair with a towel, if you do the must pass smoothly through his hair, never rub hard.