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Choosing the right tone for your skin blonde

skin blonde

Are sensual blond hair and angelic time. But you know what rubio you do better? We told you what blond choose according to your skin tone.

Choosing the right tone for your skin blond. Blond hair are not all equal. Here we give some few tips to know how to choose the right shade of blonde for your skin. Honey blond, blond wheat or platinum blonde? There are lots of blond to choose from, but you should always opt for that best suits you.

He blond is undoubtedly one of the main trends spring / summer 2016. The bright blond hair is capable of making us feel immediately more sensual or angelic, depending on the tone and look. Blond hair are not all alike: there are many shades and nuances. Let’s see some tips for choosing the blond tone you need every type of skin.

The diaphanous complexion clear and give the best of themselves with a blond platinum. It is a complicated blond lead, but with a very angelic result. It is worth remembering, however, that platinum blond, one of the most fascinating shades of blonde, requires great care, especially we have to pay attention to the roots and use products suitable for dyeing hair.

When the skin has a medium tone much choice. This type of skin, in fact, easily adapts to any hue , including the blond. You can inspire Gwyneth Paltrow, known for its golden and healthy complexion and blond wheat, to create your own look.

If you have dark skin or very dark there is nothing better than to go for warmer tones blond as honey tones and candy colors that are well suited to dark complexion. An idea to imitate? Commitment to look gorgeous blond Tyra Banks.