Skin Care

Expert anti aging skin care secrets to keep you looking young

You have probably doted over the glowing and beautiful skin of celebrities; wondering what they use to stay looking so youthful. Well, their appearance is a great source of their wealth and the take the time to care for their skin. If you want youthful and glowing skin, here are a couple of insider secrets to the rules of skin care from A-list skin care experts.

  1. Know your skin type

It is amazing the number of people who really do not know the type of skin they have. Chances are you are using the completely wrong type of product for your skin and that is why you cannot see the benefits for the product. According to skin care experts, a professional skin care consultation can greatly open your eyes to ways of taking care of your skin properly. Find a licensed professional and find out your skin type. Most cosmetic skin care products are formulated with skin types in mind; you should get to know yours.

  1. Exfoliation with care

Exfoliation is a key to youthful skin. Many A-list personalities often perform scrubs and use masks to remove dead skin cells in order to reveal the fresh, glowing and youthful skin underneath. However, you should exfoliate with care. Avoid products that are too harsh. Exfoliate using products that contain fine particles and avoid products that are physically abrasive if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Tone your skin

Tone your skin to bring back the natural pH balance. Washing and exfoliation can strip the natural acid mantle of the face. Toning helps to eradicate any trace of make up after washing your face. You can apply your moisturizer after toning.

  1. Sleep on clean sheets and pillowcases

Sleeping on dirty linen contributes greatly to acne. You should change your sheets and pillowcases every few days. You should also wrap up your hair to prevent all the products you use on your hair from getting all over your pillowcase and your skin.

  1. Watch the water

Bathing in very hot water can dehydrate your skin and also cause broken capillaries. You should use lukewarm water to open the pores gently while cleansing your skin. Finish off with a cold rinse to tighten the pores after cleansing. If you live in areas where the water is highly chlorinated, consider using a filter in your shower.

  1. Clean your phone, eyeglasses and anything else that touches your face


Cleaning your phone and eyeglasses is just as important as cleaning your face. The cell phone is one of the dirtiest things you own as it collects a lot of germs and dirt with continued use. You should clean your phone at least twice a day; they make special wipes for that too.

  1. Choose and be faithful to a natural anti-age serum

Great skin does not occur overnight, especially when you have experienced years of damage. You anti-age serums contain a high concentration of essential ingredients that help maintain and counter the damaging effects of aging on the skin. Stick with a regimen and be patient. Over a couple of months, your skin will naturally turn over to a more beautiful, even and youthful appearance.


Alexander Fernandise is a licensed and professional Aesthetician who has worked with many celebrities before. Go to for the best natural anti age serum with age defying benefits.