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How to have curly hair

The waves are beautiful and very delicate for a lady. If you do not want to go to the salon, please follow these tips to wear a wavy hair.

Tips for hair curlers

Who says that to have a beautiful hair or yes you should go to the salon and pay (sometimes substantial sums)? Everyone believes that the result is more professional, the difference of doing the same or never remain the same for products that use be noticed. Nothing could be farther from reality. You can do the hairstyles and styles you want without leaving your home and being splendid.

In the case of curly hair you should consider some techniques and know that there are various forms of hair curlers. Remember that it is important to have the right products for your hair with curls, to better mark and above all, to last for a couple of hours and you will not fall styling.

If you really want to have wavy hair for a few months, you should go to curl defining products, because that will make you a permanent, leaving the firm curls more you wash your head. But to prove how it looks, a good idea is to do it yourself at home (or with the help of a friend).

Homemade hair waving techniques

Use homemade hair curling techniques. The waves will last only until the next time you wash your hair or monks, as occurs with the flat iron. The good thing is that it serves for a party or special occasion, and then returns to your usual style. You can use the dryer with diffuser with wet hair, just salt of the shower, and do not forget the foam, so that the effect is greater.

If your hair is wavier, when it is still wet apply curling lacquers, foams, and let it dry well. Squeeze scattered tufts hands so that the result is better, ie to curl more pronounced.

Wet the hair, then apply foam and then make a tight braid (as you can). And leave it for a few hours until the hair is dry. It can be all night while you sleep. When a product braid your hair is wavy. Comb with hands and then see the ripple effect.

How to care and structure curls?

To maintain beautiful curls, you can use foam to give volume and curls draw while allowing you to work your way. Apply on clean hair and the success is guaranteed!

Sprays can also be used to shape daily. Are applied to the hair set to return to the curl shape. Depending on the type of spray you need, the need to moisturize, care or return the structure to the curls.


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