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    The Ultimate Guide to Natural Everyday Makeup

    Some of us may be big proponents of natural beauty and feel makeup is completely useless, while for others piling on copious amounts of makeup is the solution to all of life’s troubles. The ideal balance, however, would be to use the right kind of makeup to enhance natural features and beauty, without it looking piled on, fake and plastic-y. None of us wants to end up looking like a clown, right? Most of us also own piles and piles of makeup, yet are still clueless on how to use it effectively, while some of us are completely new to the addictive world of makeup and are looking for a…

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    Hair styles

    How to have curly hair

    The waves are beautiful and very delicate for a lady. If you do not want to go to the salon, please follow these tips to wear a wavy hair. Tips for hair curlers Who says that to have a beautiful hair or yes you should go to the salon and pay (sometimes substantial sums)? Everyone believes that the result is more professional, the difference of doing the same or never remain the same for products that use be noticed. Nothing could be farther from reality. You can do the hairstyles and styles you want without leaving your home and being splendid. In the case of curly hair you should consider…