Hair care

Tips for healthy hair

Maintain our healthy and good looking hair as time passes is no easy task, as it requires special attention. To do this, coloring products, drugs or diet, plays an important role in the health of our hair.


The fibers start to become thinner and fall without regenerate; the cells stop producing pigment in amounts necessary; hormones that help stimulate the follicles fibers decrease; and damage generated by the use of chemicals such as hair dyes.

1. Wash it less often: Do not use too much shampoo. You can wash your hair twice a week. Use a type of shampoo according to your hair: dry, oily, thick or thin.

2. Use and volumizing conditioners: They function as a complement to strengthen hair and provide more volume per fiber.

3. Use products suitable for coloring your hair: Protect your hair using shampoos and conditioners aimed at color-treated hair.

4. Follow a complete diet: Eat enough globally.

5. Do not jump proteins: Eat some red meat twice a week will cover protein and other vital nutrients.

6. No auto Medicare: Talk to your doctor to see what medications may be affecting your hair and ask advice to counter the effects .