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Styling wax for a long hairstyle

Styling wax for a long hairstyle

A structured hairstyle

Styling wax is a cream finish that is to hold a defined hairstyle. This lotion creates the same effect as frost, but the hair remains soft and shiny. Unlike the latter, the wax is mainly composed of plant and mineral materials and does not dry the hair. The use of the gel is indeed not recommended by professional hairdressers because of the preservatives that tend to tarnish and damage the hair.

The natural wax and fits all types of hairstyles smooth, toothed, curly or pockets. And Highlight your hair style by applying a styling material that ensures long-lasting hold of your mane. The effects of the lotion will not fade in effect after washing.

Styling wax for a long hairstyle

Styling wax for what types of hair?

Styling wax is more suitable for normal and thick hair. The wet effect generated by the application of the cream is not suitable for fine hair. It is the same for the gel. It is preferable to use a styling mousse to give more volume to the hair type. It also keeps the hair during the day.

In addition, the styling wax remains more suited to short and medium-length hair. It also highlights the asymmetrical cuts as the gradient or the punk cut. The wet look is in fact less on aesthetics and long hair down. However, it may well serve to fix ponytails and tight buns. But moderate use is required. As well as the gel, mousse and other styling sprays, excessive use of wax can cause dandruff on the scalp.

Styling wax for a long hairstyle

The art of using styling wax

Styling wax is applied to wet hair previously washed with mild shampoo. Avoid placing the cream directly on your hair. Pour one or two nuts in the palm of your hand and rub carefully to warm. Then apply the product using your fingers on the tips or bits you want structure.

For efficiency and to better define the hair style to adopt, you should stretch the hair while applying wax. Leave to dry naturally. Avoid wearing hair accessories like headbands or banners that may spoil the beauty of your hair. It is advisable not to keep the styling wax for more than three days. A full wash is required after this time has elapsed.