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    Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss by L’Oreal

    L’Oreal Studio Line, a whole philosophy Studio Line is a trademark of L’Oreal on the premise that everyone should be allowed to define its own personality through his look. Your Style, Your Studio is also the logo of this ideology. Thus, the act of maintaining, modeling, new hairdo has become a way to express themselves. Now everyone can adopt its own style using major technological innovations. The novelty of L’Oreal Studio Line Styling Silk & Gloss testament to this philosophy. Fixing hair spray that makes them as bright as silky. Indeed, thanks to micro-silk fibers it contains, the Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss helps you create your hairstyle. Thus,…

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    Styling wax for a long hairstyle

    A structured hairstyle Styling wax is a cream finish that is to hold a defined hairstyle. This lotion creates the same effect as frost, but the hair remains soft and shiny. Unlike the latter, the wax is mainly composed of plant and mineral materials and does not dry the hair. The use of the gel is indeed not recommended by professional hairdressers because of the preservatives that tend to tarnish and damage the hair. The natural wax and fits all types of hairstyles smooth, toothed, curly or pockets. And Highlight your hair style by applying a styling material that ensures long-lasting hold of your mane. The effects of the lotion…

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