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Worrying Too Much About Wrinkles? Let Botox Smooth Things Out

Many of us tend to romanticize our youth; but when we really think about it, we’d probably rather be older than younger. When you look at a photo of yourself from 5 or 10 years ago, there’s no doubt you feel some nostalgia, but you probably also feel grateful for the wisdom and experience you’ve gained in the intervening time. What would be ideal is if there was some way for you to hang on to all the things you’ve seen, done and learned over the years, but also retain the youthful appearance you enjoyed just a few years ago?


Thankfully, today, there is technology and chemistry available to help you do just that. Botox injections are possibly the most dynamic and minimally invasive age-reduction methods one can easily use to smooth out the look of wrinkles and obtain a youthful, fresh-faced appearance that’s just as good (or better!) than the one you enjoyed years ago. Botox treatments from a reputable provider like Skin Vitality Medical Clinic in Toronto are safe, non-invasive, extremely popular, and just as subtle as they are effective – instead of shocking the people you know with a brand-new face, as is the stereotype with more invasive kinds of cosmetic surgery, you’ll find people you know looking at you and trying to figure out what exactly it is about you that lends you this new, gorgeous glow.

The unbelievable effects of Botox can last up to 6 months – though these times vary from patient to patient, the overall effects never last for less than 3 months. Many patients are satisfied for several months with just one set, but some patients prefer to return for a light re-injection after 14 days or so to tackle any stubborn areas. The advantage of a treatment that begins to wear off gradually over time is that you are able to modify your treatment plan to include any new wrinkles or changing “problem areas” as time goes on – meaning that Botox works in a dynamic way to help you manage the signs of aging. The result is a well-rested, lovely complexion. This procedure becomes more popular every year, which means it’s picking up new users just as fast as old ones are coming back for more. Plus, the average Botox session takes between 15 30 minutes, so it’s easy and quick as well as noninvasive.

Botox works by keeping small facial muscles (the kind whose movements cause wrinkles) paralyzed for about 3-4 months. A patient need only return when effects have mostly worn off. There is also evidence suggesting that long-term use greatly slows down the facial aging process and appearance of fine lines and sagging. Another interesting option are injections to the armpit area, resulting in a major reduction in underarm sweating. Injecting into the underarm freezes the small muscles that cause perspiration, thereby drastically reducing sweat production for an average of 6 months.

Non aesthetic results have also been reported, several of which are: reduction or complete disappearance of migraines, and elevated mood for those who often furrowed their brow. These effects are new evidence suggesting that frowns, smiles, and furrowed brows effect our moods. That explains the reduction of headaches and increased mood when forehead and mouth muscles are treated with Botox. These are wonderful extras, indeed! Try Botox for yourself and see – there is nothing to lose, and only beauty and youth to gain.