dandruff problem
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Natural Dandruff Remedies

dandruff problem

Dandruff is all common problems with many people around us for which natural dandruff remedy is the best cure. Many times we feel tired of this dandruff but can’t find a way out of it. Many people try out the chemical serums, consult a doctor and what not. But they hardly look for natural remedies for dandruff. This dandruff is a common scalp condition marked by the white flakes over the scalp and itching.


Well anyways you have an option for it which would not at all harm you in any ways that is natural dandruff remedies. Let’s go through some of these remedies:

  • Firstly Vinegar is really very effective home remedy used against dandruff. It is very simple to use just mix a small amount of vinegar with warm water rub this solution on your scalp. This helps to relieve from itchy scalp and flaky dandruff. Let it stay for tried semenax 15 minutes before washing.
  • Another thing is to eat much of food containing vitamin C, which is the easiest natural remedy for dandruff.
  • Also usage of Aloe Vera helps to stop dryness and inflammation on the scalp.
  • Tea Tree oil helps in removing the dandruff.
  • Using some home products such as mix ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with ¼ cup of water now pour this mixture in a spray bottle and spread it all on your hair and scalp and wrap your head with towel and after 15 minutes wash your hair.
  • Removing dandruff with Fenugreek seeds is most popular remedy.  Here soak two spoons of seed overnight and make a paste of it in the next morning. Apply this paste on scalp and after an hour wash your hair.
  • Paste of henna, water and yogurt and few lime drops applied for 2 hours can also be a great help.
  • Avoid using soaps, creams and greasy ointments.