Hair care

Men … when hair loss is worrying


There are many things that men are concerned, including baldness. “Usually when people see, is because you are losing more hair than normal,” says Leana Quintanilla, a dermatologist who specializes in hair microfollicular.

However, men who notice an unusual loss are those who see their hair everywhere: on the pillow upon awakening, in furniture, in the car, etc.

However, the problem lies in those who suffer from the problem due to a genetic condition. “They do not realize the problem until you feel less dense your hair for some time,” says Quintanilla.

But is there any age where they start to worry? You can start at 18, but all ages are normal for a fall. What they should watch is genetic, “but that does not mean it is a dominant inheritance; can be given in different decades, from grandfather to grandson, for example, “says dermatologist.

Before panicking to remember that the normal fall is 100 to 150 hairs per day. Know what factors influence this problem.

Is there a cure?

Leana Quintanilla, a dermatologist, says that hair transplantation is an option for those whose hair loss is extreme. “The surgery is outpatient, accurate and hair by hair does not require hospitalization, the day can resume his routine,” explains what to do to lessen the problem?

– Consult a specialist from the moment he feels that the fall exceeds normal.

Control dandruff, there are products such as mousse, gel or wax that may affect you.

– Sleep well, avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

– Avoid stress doing sports or other activities that will entertain source